Top Jewellery Influencers on Instagram you need to follow to get your bling on!

Top Jewellery Influencers on Instagram you need to follow to get your bling on!

Jewellery and accessorizing have been around for centuries now, our rich heritage is incomplete without such accessories. The entire concept of adding bling to your persona has been prominent in the west too. The million-dollar question is, when did it all become a virtual business? Well, the answer is a simple sentence, but a series of sentences… Since the pandemic hit, people have been craving to shop, and that is where our local jewelry makers stepped in and used Instagram as a medium, trying to sell and educate. Moreover, if services and experiences can be sold online, why not jewelry, a 6400 billion rupees industry?

Jewelry designers have been trying to up their game forever now, and Instagram was their knight in Shining armor. Sure enough, the designers and influencers got together and now we have Jewwellry Influencers at our convenience trying to educate us on Jewelry as an industry and as an investment

Let’s have a closer look at all the influencers that will come in handy when you’re looking to buy, sell, or even admire jewelry. 

  1. Saba Ali Khan

The gorgeous human from the Saif Ali Khan family has always been whimsical and passionate when it came to fashion and jewelry. From a very young age, Saba Ali decided she wanted to stay away from stardom and opt for jewelry designing as a profession, clearly she flourished and is among the Top Jewelry Influencers on Instagram.

  1. Kavya Somashekar

The Kannada actress and jewelry designer has been headlines because of her beautiful craft. Apart from being a popular face in the Indian film and advertisement industry the beautiful actress has taken a route in the jewelry-making industry and is headed in the right direction. Her collection is widely acclaimed and hugely celebrated.

  1. Karan Singh

The boy from Chandigarh is a fashion influencer with an audience of 105k on Instagram. Karan is extremely popular and dedicated to his art. He prefers to educate his audience about new looks and what goes with what. The talented youngster is an inspiration to our youth trying to go into the jewelry-influencing industry. 

  1. Paulomi Sanghavi

 With over 30 years of experience, Paulomi is a giant in the jewelry industry, no wonder. With a community of 1M followers on Instagram she continues to impress. She has all kinds of bling to her profile, truly a shining star. Her knowledge of jewelry is impeccable and probably what made her a big deal in the influencer industry.

  1. Riddhima Kapoor Sahni

An absolute beauty, famous all over Instagram for her subtle and classy looks. She makes accessorizing look so effortless. It comes as no surprise she has about 1M Instagram followers as of now. Her Instagram profile will transport you to a chic jewelry store you just can’t seem to get enough of!

  1. Preeta Agarwal

A gorgeous lady spreading pixie dust and wisdom over Instagram. She has been sharing her views on jewelry for almost years now. A professional Jewelry consultant to cater to all your jewelry needs, we surely are living in the future.

  1. ArThakshaर

Surely very strong entrepreneurs, they managed to get their Instagram among the giants of the Jewellery industry. Their Instagram handle is colorful and welcoming almost calling you to buy something, a temptation you won’t be able to resist. Their dedication got them on the list of top Jewelry Influencers in India.