How much did Sohail Sen charge for one Instagram post? A revelation!

How much did Sohail Sen charge for one Instagram post? A revelation!

Sohail Sen, an impeccable Indian Film Composer/Musician, and Singer have been blessing the Bollywood music industry since his song “Kya mujhe pyaar hai?” from “woh lamhe”, the song instantly got him into the spotlight needless to say, he owned the stage! His songs have a captivating effect on his audience, getting them grooving over his tune for hours, nonstop.

Born into a musically rich family on 24 June 1984, Sohail Sen exceeded his family’s expectations, He owes his success to his father Sameer Sen who was also a musician, and his grandfather Shri Shambhu Sen who was a music composer and fancied classical Indian music. Sohail Sen mastered his craft while working with his father, working closely on his tune and melodies to constantly better himself for over 9 years, sure enough, it paid off! He has now had a decade-long career as a composer, singer, and musician.

Sohail Sen’s melodious tunes are like roses to the ears, his tracks are played over and over again by all generations, and the vibe to his soundtracks binds all. Some of his most famous tracks include “Saiyyara”, “Jiya Re”, “Shaitaan Ka Sala” and none the less “Bikhri, Bikhri”.

Into the tunes: Sohail Sen’s life in the music industry

Sohail Sen picked up his craft and wisdom in traditional music right from his roots, his home. Born in a rich music culture, he picked up the best of his ancestors, and it clearly reflects in his work. En route his musical journey, he has already been nominated for “Best Music Director” and “Album of the year”. He got his musical breakthrough under the guidance of “Ashutosh Gowariker” in the film “What’s your Rashee?”.

The dedicated musician, composed all 13 songs for the film especially curated for each sun sign, and 1 introductory song, his passion, and calibre can be seen in his work. An artist is everything he listens to, Sohail Sen grew up listening to Madan Mohan Ji, Shankar Jaikishan Ji, R.D Burman Ji and from the West, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Yami, and The Beatles. 

Sohail is all about melodies, and it comes his way before lyrics do, which is probably why his soundtracks have a depth and rich texture to their melodies. He is deeply into playing the keyboard and would surely pick it as an instrument if god forbid the world collapses. His songs are extremely relatable and surely strike a chord (pun intended), Romantic genre is his shade, and we love that shade on him.

Instagram: A money-making machine for Sohail Sen

With about 15.8k followers on Instagram as of now, Sohail is ever-growing. In collaboration with multiple brands, Sohail is making big bucks via advertising only. Imagine the level of income on all social media platforms combined, a ballpark figure.

Even if the world comes to end, music and melodies will go on to live forever, as a matter of fact, art will live forever, especially the kind of art Sohail engages in will be remembered by generations, for he has emerged from a legacy and will fall in the same. 

Having said that, down below you can have a look at his earning via Instagram only.

Instagram Story- 15k- 40k

Instagram reel- 20k- 50k

Instagram static- 5k- 10k

Instagram carousel- 10k- 30k

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Notes from Sohail Sen’s musical life

  • “ I am never satisfied with my work, there is always room for improvement.”
  • “ I am a pretty laid-back person, and I enjoy time with my family and friends to unwind.”
  • “My work comes naturally to me, and whatever I produce is never under pressure.”