How much does Harish Kalyan charge for one Instagram post?

How much does Harish Kalyan charge for one Instagram post?

Harish Kalyan is a charismatic actor, a total eye candy and soul food. He is into playback singing, the 33yr old actor is glowing as ever. His daily background influenced him to be where he is right now, advancing in Tollywood. Born in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Harish is attached to his roots, he is extremely religious and is proud of the culture he is born. 

The most desirable man(2020) actor isn’t just about his looks, though his fans go crazy over his looks, his acting skills have landed some of the most celebrated roles. Loved by many the actor is extremely humble and the sweetest to talk to, since his debut in Tollywood he is loved and followed by many. A man of wisdom and wise words tied the knot with Narmada Udaykumar on 28 October 2022, the actor also confirmed that their marriage was an arranged marriage but he fell in love with his parent’s choice as soon as he saw her!

Apart from winning people with his amazing skills in acting he continues to impress the audience with his knowledge of Hindustani music and can play the keyboard like an angel. The actor enjoys riding a motorcycle to soothe his mind and collects his thoughts and occasionally plays soccer and deeply follows the sport

A verse from Harish Kalyan’s Personal Life

The appreciated and celebrated actor has won numerous awards for his impeccable acting skills and is a social media sensation. With about 2M followers on Instagram, the actor enjoys love from his fans. He is truly a gem of a person who values and respects emotions.

Apart from his stable and heavy earnings from his successful acting career the actor also collaborated with big brands to earn those extra bucks.

Brand collaborations are common for actors with a ready audience like his, who look up to their actors and are willing to alter their lifestyles just like their idols.

A phenomenal playback singer and a commendable actor with a history of amazing works like Sattapdi Kutram (2011), Poriyaalan (2014), Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (2018), and Jersey(2019). Harish Kalyan was also in Bigg Boss for a brief period and no wonder his audience was wowed by a peek into his personal life in the Bigg Boss house.

The actor was later seen in the early seasons of Bigg Boss ( Tamil). His fans enjoy obsessing over him pertaining to his sharp looks and mesmerizing persona. He is truly a man of dreams for some of his fans, choosing to stay humble as ever, he has never been seen in an ugly feud with anybody. He can often be heard as a playback in famous tracks like Yei Kadavulae, and Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyam, listening to his tracks fans often wish to hear his voice often.

Let’s talk about Numbers

The Indian actor has a following of 2M on Instagram, now a fan following of millions can be a source of income and surely is for Harish Kalyan. Apart from collaborating with brands he also does guest appearances and advertisements for various brands.

Let’s Collaborate with Harish Kalyan!

For actors who are exclusive and celebrated like he is, Instagram can be a money-making machine, considering Harish Kalyan’s Instagram charges 

Instagram story- 80k- 1lac

Instagram reel- 1- 2lac

Instagram static- 70- 90k

Instagram carousel- 80k- 1lac

A Sneak Peak into Harish Kalyan World

  • He is an exceptional Keyboard player
  • The actor enjoys playing Soccer
  • His marriage was arranged by his parents in 2022
  • He is professionally trained in Hindustani Music
  • The actor is down-to-earth and very spiritual.