Top Business Influencers In India

Top Business Influencers In India

We have always been around a business or the idea of business, but the trend of business influencing is fairly new. They assist nomads like us in looking for a direction. Guiding us down the path of business, what road to take, what procedure to follow, what steps, and what not.

The entire world of business revolves around teaching and learning. Not everything helps you grow, but it surely helps you learn. These influencers give you the push you need, detangle your thoughts, and help you escape that fickle-minded phase. 

They have made decisions you might have to encounter down the business road, seen failure upfront, dealt with rejections, and intend to guide you down this dreadful yet worth its path. 

8 Business Influencers In India to help with your business decisions

  1. Ranveer Allahbadia

If you are on this page, you have heard of Beer Biceps; who hasn’t he is one of the best business influencers in India. With an audience of about 2.2M on Instagram, Ranveer also operates his podcasts. What started as a fitness journey in 2014 has now grown into an empire. He strongly believes in hustle culture and has been grinding for years to get where he has. This kind of wisdom cannot come from institutions but from experiences.

  1. Ramsha Sultan Khan

Famously known for her motivational content, Ramsha has over 850K followers on Instagram. With a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing and International Business, she aims to spread her knowledge to her followers

  1. Munish Maya

Mr. Munish Maya is a renowned Business & Life Strategist, Social Media Influencer, Leadership Leadership Expert, Success & Mindset Coach, and Motivational Speaker with a following of over 1.4M on Instagram. All of those who look up to him and aim to follow his business journey. 

  1. Jaymin Shah

Not just a business influencer but a marketing influencer as well. At a young age, Jaymin has achieved heights and aims to advance. He broadcasts the importance of marketing and believes each individual should have a different strategy for selling everything.

  1. Viraj Sheth

Acing the digital content industry, Viraj is going steady with 115K loyal followers. He teaches individuals about his craft and journey. He started his journey with the idea of transforming traditional modes of marketing into newer, better user-friendly ways

  1. Dr. Vivek Bindra

The CEO and Founder of Bada Business is not just a business tycoon but an impeccable motivational speaker with a following of 3.4M on Instagram alone. He holds  9 Guinness World Records for the largest webinars on distinct topics.

  1. Ankur Warikoo

The humble Influencer hails from families as we do; not only is he packed with worldly knowledge, but he also possesses skills that only experiences can teach. Facing failure upfront, he is the epitome of positivity. He advertises the importance of hardships and rejections to reach your dream destination finally 

  1. Dilawar Singh

There are two ways to a destination, a smooth path or the road less traveled. Dilawar Singh chose the road that wasn’t walked by many, giving us an entrepreneur and influencer who educates on the rights and wrongs of life!