Idiotic Media | Top Marathi Influencers and Bloggers in India on Instagram

Top Marathi Influencers and Bloggers in India on Instagram

People have always been vulnerable to new and bright ideas, earlier it was sold by advertising and now influencing. The influencing culture isn’t new to us, testimonials and reviews have always been a crucial part of our buying experience. Instagram isn’t just a pictorial platform, it is now a business arena, where people broadcast stuff discreetly.

The era of influencing has now met the modern marketplace. Not just people have been embracing the idea of influencing people in regional languages, after all, nothing hits harder than the feeling of belongingness and home. Mumbai, the city of dreams, is also the home of aspiring influencers who possess the talents and skills to bring about change.

Below is the list of all those people who are on a path to educate and influence: 

  1. Shiv Thakare

The winner of Bigg Boss 2 Marathi and millions of hearts. Shiv Thakare is an amazing choreographer who can make you dance to the beats without knowing it. Hailing from a middle-class family, he has seen hardships up close and spends most of his time building a future for himself and his family. The brave, determined soul can also be seen in the MTV uprising, participating and fighting hard as a rock!

  1. Vedhika

The south Indian Film actress is loved by many, fluent in multiple languages, she continues to strive to take Marathi Industry to heights. Vedhika can also be seen in Kannada films, hailing from Maharashtra, her primary audience is people who can understand her dialect 

  1. Jay Dudhanu

The chocolate boy of Marathi influencers, Jay was first seen alongside Aditi on Splitsvilla. His charming look and cutesy personality have had a lot of girls on the hook. The dashing person is also a gym freak and owns his gym in Thane, Maharashtra.

  1. M Monal Gajjar

A stunning Tamil and Gujarati actress who has managed to swoon 2 generations at once. Her credibility has enabled her to be in collaboration with multiple bigshot brands. The Marathi audience looks up to this diva for fashion and skincare advice. 

  1. Twinkle Kapoor

 With a following of over 4M, Twinkle is considered a doll model by her fans. Twinkle is a famous Hollywood actress from Maharashtra. Credit for her success goes to TikTok, where she was first seen and then later cast as the lead in the Telugu Horror Movie ‘Banjara’.

  1. Eesha Agarwal

A stunning model and an aspiring actress, Eesha has so far captured the hearts and attention of over 360K people on Instagram. The gorgeous model also bagged the position of Miss India International held in Thailand. Eesha can also be seen as a s stunning actress in Bollywood and Tollywood films. 

  1. Jahnavi Kiran Killekar

The Indian soap opera actress is known for her roles in Marathi television. Jahnavi was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and started her television debut with Shree Gurudev Dutt in 2019, and was adored by the audience thus fueling a glorious career in television. With a following of over 215K as of 2023, Eesha aims on developing a future as an established actress and a sought-after Marathi influencer.