Idiotic Media | How much Nagma charged for one Instagram post?

How much Nagma charged for one Instagram post?

TikTok had its golden time in India; it was a platform for all to perform and shine. It gave us some wonderful memories and a TikTok community that later transitioned to Instagram. Nevertheless, we got to experience some ground-breaking trends and some wild audiences.

Thanks to TikTok, we were introduced to talented people like Nagma Mirajkar.

The 31 y/o model, actress, and dancer has gotten everyone’s attention, a beauty with a soul of an angel; she aims to spread love to all. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, she hails from the land of passion, which shows in her upbringing. Her positive nature and explicit attitude make her a diva! 

Completing her schooling at St. Stanislaus high school, Bandra, she was an excellent student, moving further on to the University of Mumbai. Fond of reading and learning, she earned her M.Com, MBA, and PGDM degrees. 

Lucky for us, she found her true passion in fashion and decided to take it up; what started as small snippets during lunch breaks of a basic 9-5 job turned out to be the game changer of her life. Her TikTok videos were loved and appreciated by millions of people, which brought her to the world of influencing.

Her journey started smoothly as she recalls, in her words, “I used to write blogs in my college days for fashion and then musically and Instagram came along, I started posting pictures and making videos, and it worked out for me.”

More to know about the diva, Nagama Mirajkar

The beautiful person isn’t just about Instagram and its faceless facade; she is also part of a no-filter group on Instagram that broadcasts the idea of staying true to oneself, embracing flaws, and redefining faulty definitions of beauty.

The group intends to post a number of their videos and photos without any “beautifying filter.” She also joined Youtube in September 2019 and has been active ever since, curating and posting content about fashion, pranks, make

In 2018, Nagma was first seen alongside Deepika Padukone in an advertisement by Jaguar lightings, getting adoration from her fans; she was then cast in a Punjabi song, “Kuch, Kuch, Kuch, ” Kuch, ” Kuch, ” Kuch, ” in 2019.

As far as her love life is concerned, the heartthrob of many got engaged to the music composer’s son, Awez Darbar, on December 7, 2021.

The most grounded person in the influencer’s community, she plans on spreading her wings and soaring high, aiming to be a Bollywood actor one day; she would tirelessly day and night to get an inch closer to her lifelong dream.

Nagma Universe: 8.4M fans on Instgarm

As soon as her hobby transitioned into her passion, she started building towards it and now has a strong family of 8.4M on Instagram. Nagma is primarily focused on covering the beauty side of content creation whilst slowly expanding toward high-end fashion and rekindling her love for dance. Her favourite stress busters include Shopping, travelling, and dancing, which she tries to do often.

Let’s Collaborate with Nagma!

Her newest interest includes rapping, and her fans might as well expect to see her doing that real soon. 

In collaboration with Maybelline New York, Skybags, Myntra, Amazon, etc., the dancer earns loads via brand collaborations alone. Down below is the list of what she charges for posting on social media

Instagram Story- 3- 4lac

Instagram reel- 4- 6lac

Instagram static- 1- 2lac

Instagram carousel- 2- 4lac