How much did Nisha Guragain charge for one Instagram post?

How much did Nisha Guragain charge for one Instagram post?

There was a time when TikTok was the sensation, the buzz, everyone was on it, and those who weren’t were talking about it. People posted short clips, created audios, acted, danced, created, and followed up on trends to get likes and followers. What started as just an app became a wave, with people being sucked into the vicious cycle of ever-deducing attention spans. Nevertheless, TikTok gave us some brilliant personalities, people to remember, and lessons to learn. 

Nisha Guragain is a prime example of someone who got famous independently via TikTok. People adored watching her videos, and that’s how she got her immense fan following. Her charm and cute looks wooed millions of people who followed her on Instagram after the downfall of TikTok in India. 

With all the love and adoration, her fans call her Nishu or Angel, a name that truly suits her. Despite most of her fame coming via TikTok, she was versed enough to build a community on Instagram with over 9.4M followers as of 2023. The 25 y/o actress, model, and influencer has a lot to teach us, she held onto her dream and worked hard toward her passion for ultimately living the life she had dreamed of! 

Hailing from Kathmandu, Nepal, she likes to stay close to her roots, considering most of her family and ancestors still reside in Nepal while she owns a house in Mumbai, the land of dreams! She has been on the go her entire life, with her schooling in Nepal, higher education from Chandigarh, and settlement in Mumbai as of now. The young traveller has a special place in her heart for goa, and honestly, who doesn’t, the calm, the peace, and the nightlife are surely a nomad’s paradise!

A look at the life of Nisha Guragain

The sensation from Gen Y was able to capture the attention of millions of people just through her lip sync videos alone. Gen Y was the first to be exposed to computers, tablets, and all the new technology. Being able to adapt to change and live among it, some manage to thrive, while some give into the whims of AI. Nisha sure managed to power through. 

You might remember seeing her in a few Hindi Music Videos, starting with her debut in “Na Ladeya Kar” and then followed by Sukh Sandhu’s “Jatta Ve Jatta”. Her looks in each music video were deeply appreciated, thus adding to the list of admirers. The beautiful actress is anxious about how she looks and thus maintains a healthy lifestyle and diet; sure, it is okay to have a cheat meal, but for her, it is Ice Cream anytime, any day!

Let’s Collaborate with Nisha Guragain!

Fancying street style fits, Nisha often experiments with her looks, thus making her stand out. Also, working on a YouTube channel, she runs on a tight schedule with barely time to spend; if she finds some extra time on her hands, she prefers spending it with her family in Nepal. 

Being an avid dog lover, she has a pet named Shiru, a dog she loves and cares for with all her heart. Being the closest to her mother, she often describes her as her best friend and Human diary!

Nisha Guragain and her Instagram Family

With a following of over 9.4M on Instagram, you are bound to be approached by top brands to collaborate with them. Nisha can easily make bucks via brand collaboration. 

Nisha Guragain is sure to charge big bucks to advertise for her big Instagram family; below are the figures: 

Instagram Story- 2- 3lac

Instagram reel- 3- 5lac

Instagram static- 1- 2lac

Instagram carousel- 2- 3lac