Idiotic Media | How much does Mridul Madhok charge for one Instagram post?

How much does Mridul Madhok charge for one Instagram post?

Instagram is undoubtedly the buzz for our generation, with increasing trends and decreasing attention spans; Instagram reels, youtube shots, and WhatsApp statuses are the new TikTok. But, we must not forget that TikTok created this era for us, breaking the shackle of long youtube videos and over 20 mins of content summarized into a 20-second reel; it was both efficient and fun. 

TikTok did not only bless us with short, concise, and fun videos, but it gave us talented creators who are now successful influencers. This era was when marketers understood that they didn’t have to string together long, boring videos to make something interesting. Instead, they had to think of a short 10-second banger idea that would captivate their audience. This all was made possible via TikTok and whatever trend TikTok creators came up with. The app’s journey might have been short-lived, but the talent outlived the application and thus gave us talented and dashing influencers like Mridul Madhok.

Mridul Madhok has over 2.3 million followers on Instagram and over 6.58 million followers on Youtube. He started his journey with over 10 million followers on TikTok before the application was banned in India. His fans go nuts over his dashing look and fit, muscular body. 

Born on 19 January 1991 in Delhi, Mridul was always certain to build a career in the glam and fame industry; little did he know his success followed him all along. He started his schooling at Bal Bharti Public School in Delhi and completed his schooling at Ryan International School Delhi in 2013; he later went on to pursue a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Electrical Engineering at Bhagwan Pashuram institute of technology. 

The handsome internet sensation always wanted to have a career in the acting industry. To kickstart the same, he started making lip-syncing TikToks, then jumped onto trends and finally collaborated with top creators and brands.

Mridul Madhok: Behind the curtains

The internet favourite Hunk started his Youtube with videos on Fitness, Healthcare, relationship, and personal vlogs. His witty and interesting comments kept his fans on their toes for new videos. 

Mridul is an avid pet lover with two cute dogs, Tinder and Shinchan, who he often flaunts on his blogs. His fans love watching his dogs tumble and roll; he even performs tricks for them. 

The handsome hunk is also trained in dancing and is a choreographer; his fans widely celebrate his dance moves. After growing popularity on TikTok, the influencer has embraced the new age medium of Instagram to reach out to his fans.  

He can often be seen posting witty reels on Instagram along with well-choreographed dance videos, which gives him a clear edge over his competitors. On top of that, his smart and eager demeanour is widely appreciated by his fans. 

Money minting By Mridul Madhok

It is no surprise to us that a talented artist like Mridul can earn lakhs by showcasing his talent on YouTube and Instagram. He also collaborates with big-shot brands like mama earth, Mcaffiene, and even Kalyan Jewelers. 

Let’s Collaborate with Mridul Madhok!

Another passive source of income for Mridul is his Instagram handle, with over 2 million followers, who are eager to adopt his lifestyle and use what he advertises. 

Here is how Mridul Madhok mints money via Instagram

Instagram story- 1-2lac

Instagram reel- 2- 3lac

Instagram static- 90k- 1lac

Instagram carousel- 1- 2lac