How much does Ashi Khanna charge for one Instagram post?

How much does Ashi Khanna charge for one Instagram post?

Musically and TikTok laid the stepping stones to a successful influencing career. Widely celebrated apps with a wide range of audiences, spending hours scrolling. Most of the people who started their journey via these apps and gained popularity on the app itself later drained down after the apps were banned in India.

Quite a handful of them went on to Instagram and Youtube as mediums to expand their reach and regain their popularity, considering only the app was banned. However, their fans were still there, supporting them and eager to see their content. That is when people like Ashi Khanna emerged from the debris of dead apps and made a name for themselves.

The complete package is the model, Youtuber, Instagram influencer, Actress, and fashion blogger Ashi Khanna. The young diva started her journey with tiny videos on TikTok, which she made for fun, and now she makes a stable income from the videos. The social media sensation has over 1.5M followers on Instagram as of 2023; she can often be seen keeping up with trends and posting prank videos with her large group of influencer friends. 

She debuted in the music industry as an actress with the song video ‘Kya Kare Kya Na Kare’ in 2019. Her fans loved her onscreen presence, giving her an even better following on Youtube. Her fans also loved seeing her with Tanzeel Khan, her rumoured boyfriend, but the two seem to have drifted apart over the period.

Ashi Khanna in the millennial social sensation era

The diva enjoys 850K subscribers on Youtube watching her content; she is fairly regular in posting her content overall social media platforms. Her friend group, popularly known as the DamnFam, also has a youtube channel collectively, with over 750K subscribers. Her fans enjoy watching her prank her friends and making GRWM videos. 

Ashi Khanna’s wardrobe is dreamy; she often flaunts her clothes in her OOTD and OOTN pictures; the total fashion geek is also extremely conscious about her looks and often takes care of her attire and skin when seen in public. 

Ashi completed her schooling at NK Bagrodia Primary Local school and then graduated from Jesus and Mary College; her journey after her educational qualification was all about her achievements in the digital world. The actress is extremely handy with cameras and cellphones and knows her picture-perfect angles all too well!

Let’s Collaborate with Ashi Khanna!

Not just a social media doll, Ashi Khanna is the sweetest influencer; she often interacts with her fans and showers them with all the love and adoration. She is also a pet lover and has a dog named ‘Benny’. Though she gained popularity via her lip-syncing videos, she has always been trying to experiment with her content and she always tries to deliver some new content to keep her audience engaged.

Instagram story of Ashi Khanna

Ashi has worked hard to nourish a digital life for herself, which has finally paid off. Ashi frequently collaborates with big brands and posts on her Instagram. Her audience has been following her for years, and thus, they trust what she advertises.

She has indeed made a big name for herself in the Influencer industry. Ashi Khanna has a wide variety of diverse audiences that follow her and rely on her choices and decisions. Thus she charges big bucks to post on her Instagram

Down below is what she charges for posting on her Instagram handle

Instagram Story- 70- 90k

Instagram reel- 1lac- 2lac

Instagram static- 50- 60k

Instagram carousel- 80- 90k