How much did Madan Gowri charge for brand promotion on Instagram and Youtube?

How much did Madan Gowri charge for brand promotion on Instagram and Youtube?

Instagram and Youtube came in way after storytelling under a banyan tree, joint movie sessions under the starry night, or huge colourful melas; gone are the days when going out was the only source of entertainment. In today’s era, joy is where you want it to be, considering everyone has their phone on them; they practically carry infotainment. 

Youtube and Instagram as apps weren’t popularized by extensive marketing or the push marketing approach; instead, their target audience was drawn to the app itself, which later, in turn, broadened their narrow target audience, and now we have almost all ages using Youtube and Instagram on a regular basis.

One such artist who was an influencer way before influencing was even a legitimate activity is Madan Gowri. With over 6.68 million followers on youtube and over 2 million followers on Instagram, Madan is a ‘giant’ in the YouTube industry. He started his influencing journey in the final year of his graduation. To him, youtube came as an escape, a medium to vent his thoughts and store his ideas, an unlimited cloud to reach people and take a load off his mind in 2016; what started as a hobby later turned out to be a full-blown career, Madan. 

The youtube sensation was born in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, on 28 May 1993 and studied B. Tech with Mechanical engineering as a major, completed his MBA from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. The talented artist further went ahead to do a degree in Master of Science, Management and Business Analytics from the State University of New York. The academically acclaimed then worked as a content writer, Program Analyst, and Marketing intern before entering the digital world full-time. 

Madan Gowri- An influencer way before influencing was a thing

The journey from a bigshot MNC, working under multiple bosses, soon turned into an independent growth with the help of Youtube; Madan invested all his hours into his channel in 2019, when he left his well-paying job as a marketing analyst and decided to make videos full time. 

Madan Gowri later got a job offer from a well-established company in The States, but he turned it down to focus on his Youtube content. His successful digital career won big-shot awards like BW Gold Best Digital Content Creator 2020 and Blacksheep Digital Award in 2020 for being a favourite vlogger. His fans widely celebrate his content.

He is famous for breaking down complex, intricate facts into simpler information that can be easily understood and processed. Madan Gowri can easily paraphrase the toughest topics into the simplest conversational starters. His target audience ranges from little kids hoping to learn to adults trying to keep up without reading monotonous news articles. He prefers uploading videos on Social awareness, personal vlogs, current affairs, and celebrity interviews from time to time.

Apart from a successful career as a Youtuber, Madan was also featured in songs like:

The Bathroom Song (2021)

Ex-Lover Song (2021)

Monkeys with 5G (2021)

The Monkeys with 5G brought a little backlash to Madan, as his fans misunderstood the lyrics and intention behind the song; Madan later had to clarify in an interview that his song was released with the purest intention, with a certain satirical comment to uproot caste discrimination once and for all. 

Let’s Collaborate with Dabboo Ratnani!

Madan is also the founder of the popular news snippets application, which is currently functional in 4 languages and can be found by the name of ‘Kokru’; he developed the application to simplify news and break it down into a limited number of words. 

Millions through Millions on Instagram and Youtube

With a fan following of over 8M on Instagram and Youtube combined, Madan collaborates with multiple brands and can often advertise the same on social media platforms.

He knows how to use his knowledge to mint money and charges hefty for posting on Instagram or advertising on his Youtube page. 

Down below are figures beyond your wildest imagination: 

Youtube brand promotion- 4- 5lac

Instagram story- 1- 2lac

Instagram reel- 2- 3lac

Instagram static- 90k- 1lac

Instagram carousel- 2- 3lac