How much does Kat Kristian charge for one Instagram post?

How much does Kat Kristian charge for one Instagram post?

Leading rather mundane or monotonous lives, we all love good drama. Any form of gossip or tea can quench our thirst for entertainment. To fulfil our futile needs, we take the aid of social media, which delivers all sorts of teas on a decorative platter.

Not just teas though, you can also keep track of your favourite celebrities, find out about their favourite celebrities, places to eat, stuff to do and whatnot. Apart from social media, we also prefer updates via reality and dating shows. What better to get some juice, instead of putting our favourite influencers in a room to compete for attention with morality?

Getting any sort of tea or update is practically instilled in us, thus we enjoy the little updates or even a glimpse of drama online. Not just drama we cherish the actors creating it. Much like Kat Kristian, who has been in the headlines for all the right reasons! 

The beautiful diva has been rocking social media since 2016 when she decided to be a content creator, and it has always gone uphill ever since.

Exploring the real life of reel star, Kat Kristian

The stunning actress and model, Kat Kristian has been ruling the digital realm for quite some time now. She was first noticed on the bigger screen when she participated in MTV India’s Next Top Model season 4 (2018). Her bold and fierce personality clearly showed in her ramp walks, and she managed to walk right into the minds of her fans. Ever since her big break in the television industry, she has been the Instagram munchkin!

Kat also enjoys travelling and singing and can be often seen documenting her interest on her Youtube channel by her name, it has over 140k subscribers and she prefers lifestyle, fashion and travel content for her social media accounts. She grew up as a tomboy with really short hair in her tween years but later turned into a fabulous model fond of long and lustrous hair!

Kat Kristian has always been vocal about her feelings, considering she has always been fond us keeping a journal to pen down her thoughts. In 2021, she entered Splitsvilla, a dating reality show. While staying in the villa she dated Kevin Almasifar, and the couple were an absolute sweetheart, their chemistry was cherished by their fans and that is what got them far enough in the show, but unfortunately for us and them, the two later split up.

Their chemistry was enjoyed by millions, and sure enough, the fans also meddled in their breakup. The two decided to take the matter on Instagram live and publicly defamed and pointed fingers at each other, even ripping out skeletons from the closet which were well hidden! Their separation wasn’t the most healthy one, but we are hoping it got them the closure they most definitely needed!

Kat Kristian plans on travelling the world before she dies, she is also extremely fond of caffeine, specifically coffee and cannot resist the rich aroma! In a recent post, she confessed to being lactose intolerant but refuses to let go of Ice cream at any cost! She has a sweet tooth for all chocolatey delights, and we resonate!

Crunching numbers with Kat Kristian

The model, the diva with over 870k followers on Instagram, Kat Kristian has been in collaboration with brands like La Senza( intimate and lingerie brand), Pretty Little things ( fashion and apparel) and OnePlus. She is also an advocate for vitamins and gym supplements.No wonder the diva charges a heavy fee to post on her Instagram, which is approximately:

Instagram story-Β 70k- 80k

Instagram reel-Β 1- 2lac

Instagram static-Β 50- 60k

Instagram carousel- 80- 90k