How much did Priyanka Khera charge for one Instagram post

How much did Priyanka Khera charge for one Instagram post

Not to be stereotypical, but the Punjabi film Industry has given us the most hilarious and comic roles. The story, the plot and the drama make it a total banger, and we are glad to be entertained. The film industry looks extremely mushy and jolly from the viewer’s perspective, with humble and down-to-earth actors, who perform to make us laugh.

There can be a language barrier whilst enjoying a good Punjabi film, but you are more likely to fall off your chair laughing before realising you don’t understand the dialogue. That is what Punjabi cinema does to us, tickle our funny bones and deliver light-hearted and funny content.

But, the industry isn’t just limited to waves of laughter and giggles, it gives space to some of the best performers in the film Industry, Performers who embrace the character and deliver a performance of their lifetime 

To throw some light on the beautiful and talented actress who predominantly works in the Punjabi Industry, the sweetheart and munchkin of over 1.4 million people on Instagram, Priyanka Khera

Exploring the real life of reel star, Priyanka Khera

The sweetheart of the Punjabi Television  Industry, Priyanka Khera gained fame through her role as Channa in Aadhe Adhoore (2015-16). Her fans were drooling over her heartfelt performance and wanted to see more of her on the bigger screen.

Priyanka Khera completed her schooling at Hansraj Model School and passed with flying colours, she later graduated from the University of Delhi and then got into the field of acting via small brand endorsements and local advertisements. While acting in endorsements she discovered her true passion for performing and decided to make it a full-time career.

There was no going back once she decided to be an actor, she landed her first role in the Television Industry as Kajal in Shastri Sisters (2014-15). Her looks and commitment to any character she chooses to play successfully swoon her fans off their feet. Her dedication to performance and delivery is just exquisite. The beautiful actress also works on multiple music shoots, her beauty combined with her acting is a truly lethal combination and we can’t wait to see more of Priyanka Khera on the bigger screen. Meanwhile, Priyanka is ruling the social media realm, with her beautiful pictures and trendy reels, she never fails to hop on any interesting trend for her fans, no wonder she has a strong following of 1.4 million on Instgram. Her chic and bold looks are an inspiration to many. Her dressing style and beauty are absolutely mesmerizing. 

Crunching Numbers with Priyanka Khera

The absolute diva of the Punjabi Industry has been taking over Social media as well, her innocence and down-to-earth nature easily influence her fans to follow her o her lifestyle. Her Instagram game is quite strong and she enjoys all kinds of trends. Priyanka is currently in collaboration with multiple brands and charges a hefty amount to post on her Instagram. Before endorsing any product she makes sure that she is completely sure about the product or experience she is advertising, and we fans love to be cared for! Here is what she charges to post on her Instagram 

Instagram story- 70k- 80k

Instagram reel- 1- 2lac

Instagram static- 70-80k

Instagram carousel- 90k- 1lac