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Cinematic Influencers who can change your perspective

Cinema and Motion pictures have a hold on us that we cannot shake off. We are glad to be born in the era of entertainment on the bigger screen, a place where we can play and experiment with shots and angles, curate ideas into pictures, and put life to stillness.

The idea of cinema was to entertain people, but that has evolved significantly in the modern era, where shots and their meanings are appreciated and noticed. Everything around us happens for a reason, a well-thought explanation to every action, we just need to change perspective or look closely. Either way, the art of cinematography and the grasp of cinema cannot be shaken off. 

May it be narrating a story through a picture or summing up thoughts into a click, we are fairly good at decrypting hidden meanings, and figuring out what is encrypted into still pictures, and that is the beauty of cinema. Though only a handful of people possess the ability to change perspective and express themselves. 

We have some of the greatest visual illusionists among us on Instagram 

  1. Ravi Varman

With an eternal love for photography and cinema, Ravi Varman possesses the ability to express and impress through the lens. He has a vision and is blessed with the art of expressing himself flawlessly. His ideas, thoughts and mindset can easily be spotted in his artwork, Ravi Varman believes in expressing emotions rather strongly and boldly, no wonder he can woo a large chunk of the intellectual audience. His knowledge of a working lens and experience in the industry is commendable. 

  1. Vinay Kumar

Every picture can talk if you’re willing to listen. Vinay Kumar has mastered the art of still pictures, he can make the most complex shots seem seamless and fresh. He is recently moving into the world of motion pictures through the medium of reels.

His feed is extremely aesthetically pleasing and looks straight out of a cinema Pinterest mood board. He prefers living in the vintage era when everything was classy, chic and pleasing to the eye. Vinay has a special place to present the subtle feminine beauty in its raw yet sculpted, bold yet soft form and that can easily be spotted in his art. 

  1. Pear V Puri

With a following of over 3.1 million on Instagram, Pearl V Puri is a well-established and celebrated actor and cinematographer. Being in front of the camera has taught him the ease of functioning in front of the lights and sounds, having a sound knowledge of the working of the stage, he is also full of camera knowledge, and the amount of effort it takes to get that one ‘perfect shot’. Living in both the on-screen and off-screen world of the industry, Pearl V Puri is blessed with both the arts, making him an absolute catch!

  1. Shaikh Tahir

With over 168k followers on Instagram, Shaikh Tahir has a vision, an idea to observe and express, and presents things that we won’t normally see. Give a shape and angle to the same old mundane stuff. Shaikh Tahir’s eye for the basic yet unusual is sharp and can be often observed in his photography skills.

  1. Srihan

The winner of BiggBoss season 6 and millions of hearts along with it. Srihan is extremely versatile and blessed with the art to express and present. He is an actor and has a thing for cinema, living and thriving in the industry he works tirelessly to know the ins and outs of the place he works in.