How much did Ankush Bahuguna charge for one Instagram post?

How much did Ankush Bahuguna charge for one Instagram post?

Despite advancing towards a more advancing and welcoming future, we are somewhat stuck in an era dominated by toxic masculinity, powered and fueled by males and females themselves. It is no surprise, that we need to get rid of these shackles to move ahead to a better tomorrow. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to stand up against societal pressures and norms, it takes guts to hold up the ‘reality check’ mirror up to yourself and others!

We are born and brought up under societal norms we shouldn’t comply with every time, sometimes that might make us a misfit, but life isn’t a puzzle to be solved, it is a memory to be cherished, and it is okay not to blend in, and it sure is okay to stand out!

Much like Ankush Bhaguna, an absolute star, breaking beauty shackles related to men, by far an Indian male who justifies masculinity and gets over the touchy and robust masculinity that society teaches us!

Exploring the real life of reel star, Ankush Bahuguna

Born on 22 February, Ankush Bhauguna is a star, a man comfortable in his skin, not making futile efforts to morph into society’s image of a ‘man’. He started his journey with short and catchy videos on TikTok and then later started his Youtube channel in 2009, his content consists of comedy, beauty and basic vlogging videos.

Ankush is extremely vocal and open about his feelings and tends to express and document them in form of short videos on either Instagram or Youtube. With over 423k subscribers on YouTube as of 2023, it is impossible to sit with a video of Ankush Bahuguna and not giggle. His jolly and upfront nature can easily make you smile and be happy about yourself. Ankush started his acting debut with ‘Project Kahuta’ and boy were the fans thrilled to see him finally get into acting! Ankush was born and brought up in New Delhi and has lived here a fair share of his life. He completed his schooling at Ahlcon Public School, New Delhi and later his graduation in Art and Architecture from Sushant School.

Ankush manages his beauty and lifestyle influencing page ‘Wing It With Ankush’, his beauty and makeup videos are an absolute hit, he is the pioneer in normalizing makeup for men, it isn’t just associated with females anymore, anyone who is interested in glamming up can go for a full face makeup the right way! For his commendable efforts in Wing It With Ankush, he was recently awarded Beauty Influencer of the Year (Male) by People’s Choice. He also recently walked the ramp at fashion week. Imagine the sense of pride, when you are the showstopper at a place you could hardly gather tickets for!

He started something no one could have imagined or even normalized and sure enough, his efforts were awarded, his show is now one of Lakme’s and has launched Season 1, the title Wing It With Ankush.

Crunching Numbers with Ankush Bahuguna

The star has worked hard and earned the love and trust of over 1 million followers on Instagram as of 2023, he is also in collaboration with multiple top-shot brands that are trying to make a difference in society. No wonder millions of people follow the humble and hilarious comic Ankush Bahunguna. Here is what he charges to post on Instagram 

Instagram Story- 70- 80k

Instagram reel- 90k- 1lac

Instagram static- 50k- 60k

Instagram carousel- 1- 2lac