Idiotic Media | Top Skincare Influencers in India- Instagram Skincare Influencers to Follow in 2024

Top Skincare Influencers in India- Instagram Skincare Influencers to Follow in 2024

Skin is a beautiful covering on our bodies, protecting our flesh, bones, and blood. Our Creator has made different shades and colors of skin to help us distinguish ourselves, not to feel superior or inferior. So, whether we are brown, white, or black, we should celebrate our colors and respect others. This list of Top Skincare Influencers, is all inclusive!

Biologically, the skin performs many functions. It acts as a protective barrier against cold and hot environments, regulates body temperature, prevents dehydration, shields against germs and viruses, and more. The importance of skin and its care is on par with any other organ in our body. However, people often get confused about what skincare is best for them and how to do it.

Skincare influencers on Instagram showcase the best ways to care for skin, maintain its integrity, enhance its appearance, and address skin-related conditions. To get the best results, they share content ranging from natural remedies to branded products and services. They have become trusted experts in skincare, guiding the digital audience in their quest for healthier skin.

So, let’s explore the world of these skincare influencers in India and discover more about who they are.

Who are Skincare Influencer

Skincare influencers create video content to help people improve their skin and take better care of it. These passionate advocates guide and encourage their audience to make informed choices about skincare routines, product selections, and achieving their skincare goals.

Skincare Instagrammers cover a wide range of content, such as daily skincare rituals, products they use, trusted brands, tips and tricks, and more. They are known for their knowledge of different products and ingredients and what they are useful for. They share reviews, personal experiences with various products, tips on how to apply them optimally, and brand endorsements and recommendations.

These influencers have a deep understanding of skincare ingredients and the science behind them. They showcase personal skincare routines and various practices to raise awareness about skin health.

They talk about the importance of proper nutrition and preventive skincare supplements like collagen boosters, nutrient-dense gummies, hair tonics, and treatments with skin serums and exfoliators. They also share advice on AM and PM skincare regimens, avoiding extreme sun exposure, using the best sunscreens, proper face-washing techniques, and the appropriate use of moisturizers, toners, face packs, and other emollients. People love their engaging content on Instagram, which helps them regenerate skin cells and enhance their skin.

Importance of Beauty and Skincare Influencers

Apart from experimenting with different looks, skincare influencers cater to the following:

1. **Provide makeup-related tutorials- to help you achieve the right look for yourself.

2. **Help you get ready for special occasions-, such as finding the perfect look for an upcoming wedding or preparing for festivals like Diwali or Eid.

3. **Introduce the right kind of skincare products- to help reduce blemishes like acne and dark circles or provide tips for different skin types.

4. **Engage in paid promotions- for brands, recommending products to their viewers or reviewing products and services through their vlogs.

5. **Share insights into their lives-, including travel and adventure or acting in short sketches.

Beauty and skincare influencers also provide valuable tips and insights beyond just skincare. Now that we know the areas these influencers and bloggers cater to, it’s clear why they are considered some of the best skin influencers in India on Instagram.

Let’s look at India’s best skincare influencers in India:

1- Shruti Arjun Anand

Amongst all the influencers creating content in this niche, she is one of the oldest and the most famous creator. She has been creating content since 2010. Currently, her channel has over 9 million subscribers. Apart from fashion, beauty, hairstyle, and make-up, her channel also brings entertainment-based content that aims to break the taboo in society.

2- Debasree Banerjee

Debasree has over 2 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel and over 3 lakh subscribers on her Instagram handle. She is known for experimenting with different looks, providing make-up- tutorials, and honest product reviews. After years of testing various products, she launched her product called ‘D/Fine’. It is a cream formula that controls pigmentation and creates any look you wish to, without worrying about smudging or fallout.

3- Shreya Jain

Her channel description says: makeup, fashion DIY on your mind? Then you’re at the right place. Apart from beauty, skincare, and fashion, she also chronicles her daily life through vlogs on her channel.

4- Jovita George

With over 7 lakh subscribers on her channel, she brings beauty and skin-care-related tutorials for dusky women. A former fashion stylist and model, she believes in breaking the regressive notions of fair skin, through her content.

5- Ankita Chaturvedi, YouTube channel- Corallista

An IIT-graduate engineer turned beauty and makeup vlogger, Ankita has a YouTube channel and a blog ‘Corallista’. Through her channel and blogs, she creates content on beauty and skincare, aiming to instill a sense of positivity for women, across the globe.

6- Malvika Sitlani

Malvika Sitlani has over 7 lakh subscribers on her channel. She creates make-up tutorials and vlogs based on her daily life. Also, she is known for developing an amazing connection with her audience.

7- Aishwarya Kaushal

Aishwarya’s channel has over a lakh subscribers. Her channel is known for giving honest reviews regarding various beauty and skincare products in the market.

8- Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar is a popular face when it comes to fashion, beauty & make-up on YouTube. She has also dabbled into vlogging, acting, singing & dancing. Viewers love her channel for the variety of content!

9- Pretty Little Things

This channel was started by two best friends Aakriti & Shaurya in 2016. Pretty Little Things is all about the recent make-up, beauty & skincare trends. Also, about vlogs, gossips & lots of fun. If this fascinates you, then do check out their channel!

10- Sonal Sagaraya

Sonal is a beauty and lifestyle blogger. She creates videos wherein she’s experimenting with different looks, make-up, skincare, and product reviews, on YouTube.

11- Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana, known as @thatbohogirl, is a prominent skincare influencer in India with an average of 481K views and a 4.86% engagement rate on Instagram. She is renowned for her expertise in skincare and other niches, gaining popularity across social media platforms. 

Kritika’s content showcases her unique style and personality, offering followers insights into skincare products, daily routines, and healthy living tips. She emphasizes self-care and holistic routines, prioritizing well-being. Her DIY homemade skincare recipes and endorsements of organic brands like Nature4Nature and Pure Sense highlight her preference for natural remedies.

Kritika Khurana has become a leading skincare influencer in India by providing valuable insights and honest reviews, building a loyal and trustworthy fan base.

12- Tarini Peshawaria

@tarinipeshawaria is a top skincare influencer on Instagram, known for her passion and expertise. She began her journey due to her own skin struggles, aiming to help others facing similar issues. Tarini provides valuable skincare advice, product recommendations, and tips for various skin types and issues like dryness, aging, and pigmentation. 

She shares her personal skincare journey, promoting effective and affordable Indian pharmaceutical brands, and is known for her transparency and relatability. Tarini debunks skincare myths and gives honest reviews of both Indian and international products. She also emphasizes self-care, mental health, and well-rounded skincare routines.

With collaborations with brands like Nykaa and Pure Bubbles, Tarini averages 470K views and a 5.58% engagement rate on Instagram, solidifying her reputation as a trusted skincare influencer.

13- Tanya Singh

Tanya Singh is one of India’s leading skincare influencers, known for her charismatic personality and engaging content. She shares skincare tips, product recommendations, and scientific insights into ingredients, promoting a holistic approach to skin health. Tanya’s content includes self-care advice, daily routines, and hacks for achieving radiant skin.

With a 9.88% engagement rate and 1 million views, Tanya collaborates with brands like L’Oréal, Bajaj, and TREŚemme. Her detailed and unbiased reviews have earned her a reputation as a trusted influencer. @itistanyasingh actively engages with her followers, providing personalized skincare advice and answering their questions, making her a respected figure in the skincare community.

14- Sungje Mlila

Sungje Mlila is a passionate skincare influencer known for sharing her experiences and expertise on Instagram. She stays updated with the latest skincare trends and innovations, experimenting with different products and ingredients to find the best solutions for her followers. With an average engagement rate of 5.9% and around 244K views, she collaborates with brands like Moody and Aqualogica, promoting chemical-free products.

Sungje’s content includes personal skincare tips, treatments, endorsed products, and brand recommendations. She actively engages with her followers, creating a supportive community. Her authenticity and dedication set her apart, as she offers both luxurious and affordable product recommendations, considering the economic situations of her diverse audience. Her genuine approach has earned her the trust and emotional connection of her followers.

15- Divya Sharma

Divya Sharma is a top skincare influencer on Instagram known for her relatable and authentic content. She openly shares her own skin struggles, promoting self-acceptance and healthy skincare habits. Her dedication to providing valuable skincare insights sets her apart.

Divya’s engaging content, including a popular video on breakout products with 71.8K views, has earned her an average of 34K views and a 0.94% engagement rate. Trusted by her followers, she collaborates with brands like Garnier and Simplehaves.

Her content focuses on the latest skincare trends, tips, and brand collaborations, inspiring her audience to embark on their own skincare journeys. Divya’s commitment to promoting healthy skincare practices has made her a sought-after influencer in the skincare community.

16- Simmy Goraya 

Simmy Goraya is one of India’s top skincare influencers, known for her diverse content covering skincare routines, skin-specific ingredients, and essential products for different skin types. She also addresses skin positivity, self-love, and mental health.

With an average of 43K views and a 3.33% engagement rate, Simmy has partnered with brands like Clinique, Olay, Myntra, and Maybelline. She actively promotes self-care, encouraging her viewers to take small steps towards better skin health.

17- Kareena Tekwani

Kareena Tekwani is a renowned skincare influencer in India, known for recommending budget-friendly products and sharing detailed ingredient information. Her well-researched and experimental approach has earned her a trusted reputation in the skincare industry.

Kareena’s #SupportingSmallBusinesses series, with its first episode reaching 82.6K views, showcases her kind-hearted nature. She averages 496K views and a 21.21% engagement rate on Instagram, leading to partnerships with brands like mCaffeine, Plume, Nykaa, Biotique, and Lets Purple.

18- Aashi Adani

Aashi Adani is a trailblazer in the skincare industry, breaking barriers and dispelling myths. With one of the best skincare Instagram accounts in India, she empowers her followers with essential tips for effective skincare regimes. Her authentic content has garnered an impressive engagement rate of 6.09% and average views of 72K on Instagram.

Aashi’s dedication has led her to share the stage with celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif at skincare brand launch parties, a significant achievement in the industry. Her trusted reputation has secured deals with brands like Vaseline and The Derma Co.

19- Namrata Pathania

Namrata’s Instagram feed is dedicated to self-care, focusing on optimum skincare through product and ingredient experimentation. Her commitment has earned her an average of 929K views and an engagement rate of 14.61%.

With such strong engagement, Namrata is recognized as a top skincare influencer, securing collaborations with brands like Lux, Garnier, L’Oréal, Simple, The Derma Co., MamaEarth, and Dot & Key.

20- Anusha Bangia

Anusha Bangia is a renowned skincare Instagrammer in India, sharing valuable insights, trends, and recommendations. Her practical approach to skincare concerns and commitment to accuracy have garnered an average of 19K views and a 3.09% engagement rate on Instagram. She collaborates with skincare brands like Ponds, Dove, Reene, and Aqualogica, showcasing her expertise in the industry.

To Conclude

These skincare influencers in India are not just individuals with a passion for skincare; they are experts who have built a strong, loyal following through their authentic content and valuable insights. They have not only helped their followers achieve healthier skin but have also become trusted sources for skincare advice and product recommendations.

Their engagement rates and collaborations with top skincare brands showcase their influence and impact in the industry. As they continue to educate and inspire their audience, they remain at the forefront of the skincare influencer scene in India.

For brands looking to leverage the influence of these skincare experts, partnering with the best influencer marketing agency can help maximize reach and engagement, creating meaningful connections with their target audience.