Top Richest Influencers in India, you already know the names

Top Richest Influencers in India, you already know the names

We are slowly transforming into an internet-controlled world where reel life overpowers real life. Imagine living the life you post on social media, a life flushed with luxurious getaways, vacations, fancy restaurants, and that fancy cloud-nine life. Well, what if I tell you people live what you post, thus making their real life just as luxurious as their reel life? 

In the era of social media platforms being the buzz of the town, almost everyone is on it, and half of them earn off of it. Here is a list of the top richest influencers on Instagram who will entice you to work for more!

Here’s Top Richest Influencers in India

  1. Bhuvan Bam

What started as over-the-top content on Youtube later started minting money. Bhvan Bam is the epitome of ‘trying till you succeed.’ He started with a camera in his hand, and now millions of cameras are on him. His life is the journey of a boy hoping to be famous. Unlike others, he works toward his dream, and now almost all generations know BB ki vines. With over 16.4 million followers on Instagram, Bhuvan is an artistic inspiration.

2. Kusha Kapila

The Instagram sensation, The charter queen, Kusha Kapila, has been rocking on the internet since 2019 with her character Billi Masi. Kusha has broken stereotypes and won her battle against body image issues. What started with a dream of being a journalist with a limited audience frame, Kusha is a successful influencer using humor as a medium to educate.

3. Diipa Büller Khosla

A smart social media influencer who successfully used her experience in the Industry to set up her brand and herself as a fashion Influencer. Her journey is full of milestones. From setting up a sought account as a fashion influencer, she has now taken a turn for the better in ayurvedic cosmetics. 

4. Komal Pandey 

The fashion influencer transformed everything we knew about fashion influencing. Komal Pandey is a quirky, creative, and upbeat girl with a sense of humor. Fans enjoyed seeing her on PopXo, which then progressed into lifestyle influencing and ultimately transforming into a world of fashion. The pioneer of fashion influencing like never before, Komal Pandey, is a diva!

5. Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh is the most next-door girl-turned-sensation emerging from absolute ground level. She makes the dream:seems possible and achievable. Her journey started from simple fashion hacks and now is en rout bigger things with a family of over 1.5 million followers on Instagram

6. Mithila Palkar

The girl from the cup song becomes the girl from Little Things. Mithila Palkar became an internet sensation from her cup video and branched her talents into the acting Industry. Her fans showered her with all the love.

7. Kenny Sebastian

A cutie with a sense of humor and a guitar, what more do girls want in a guy? Kenny will always be the most interesting guy in the room, with his charming smile and impeccable ability to make people laugh.

8. Elvish Yadav

The video creator on Youtube proudly flaunts his extravagant lifestyle. Elvish has the film set up with ‘friends for life and cars that could fly.’ He believes in boasting about the lifestyle he worked hard for. He is the most humble and down-to-earth person you can meet on cloud nine.