Top Bodybuilding Influencers and Bloggers in India on Instagram

Top Bodybuilding Influencers and Bloggers in India on Instagram

Bodybuilding is the practice of training and growing muscles in a specific manner for aesthetic appeal. It is solely to show minimal or no strength. Area expertise is limited to muscle building pleasingly and impressively. Bodybuilding is universally recognized as a sport, with people putting in months of hard work and perseverance to compete against other hunks.

In this era, people prefer documenting their journey for multiple reasons, either to educate the audience about tier passion or to express and even impress. We have many such bodybuilding influencers from India who have represented India in exclusive competitions while paving the way for fellow bodybuilders. 

  1. Prince Narula

The actor/bodybuilder has been a countrywide heartthrob for the longest time. He started documenting his journey as a bodybuilder. He represented India in various competitions, which paved his way into big-shot shows like MTV Roadies and Splitsvilla. Now we have one of the Top Bodybuilding Influencers and fitness trainers among us. His jovial nature and positive attitude have always been a fan favorite. 

  1. Gaurav Taneja

Popularly known as ‘the flying beast,’ Gaurav started his journey by documenting his knowledge as a nutritionist. As a pilot, his passion soon turned into a full-blown career. Multiple aspiring individuals follow his bodybuilding techniques.

Giving flight to his dreams, he now owns and operates a full-fledged gym to fuel young individuals’ dreams. He was inspired to start bodybuilding when he attended a competition with his friend who had participated. The cheers and thunderous applause motivated him to pursue it further.

  1. Rohit Khatri

A fitness instructor and a sports science nutritionist. His journey started with several stunning photos on his instagram, which later branched to modeling. Now, he owns a gym in Dwarka that aims to promote the importance of nutrition in one’s life and express his liberation journey in bodybuilding.

  1. Sahil Khan

Another buff hunk, Sahil Khan, is known as a fitness trainer who has bagged multiple awards in bodybuilding in Mumbai. Not just this, the nutritionist also has a Guinness world record under his name; he broke the 525 kg block into 2, proving that nothing is truly tough if we are determined enough to achieve it. 

  1. Ranveer Allahbadia

If the name Ranveer Allahbadia doesn’t ring a bell, then Beer biceps definitely will. His journey from an overweight kid, weighing about 90kilos by the end of his 12th standard, to a ripped hunk is extremely moving and tough. Nonetheless, Ranveer has always been vocal about his thoughts and can be seen promoting a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Varun Verma

The model, actor, and fitness instructor has motivated many. Varun Verma also touched heights when he bagged the position of Mr. India Supranational 2019, which was the main building block to his career toward fame.

  1. Sangram Chougule

Mr. Universe, Mr. Asia, Mr. World, and Sangram Chougule have always lifted the weight off India’s shoulders. Taking Bodybuilding to an International level, Sangram has inspired millions of people. Because of this handsome hunk, youngsters started considering fitness as a profession.