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Top Punjabi Influencers to Follow in 2024

If you’re a brand looking to promote your venture in Punjab with the help of up-and-coming influencers, this article will offer valuable guidance. With millions of Punjabi influencers out there, it can be daunting to find the right ones who truly understand your business mission and create compelling content accordingly. As a leading influencer marketing agency in Chandigarh, we’ve assisted numerous established brands in achieving their business objectives with the perfect influencers. Our influencer marketers bring years of experience to the table, and we utilize the latest influencer marketing tools to carefully select the most suitable Top Punjabi influencers.

Below, you’ll find a list of profiles eager to collaborate with various brands. These influencers are highly sought after because they focus on achieving a higher return on investment through increased reach and engagement. If your influencer marketing goals align with these criteria, we highly recommend exploring the list of top Punjabi influencers.

1- Karanjot Singh 

This up-and-coming talent from Chandigarh has gained fame for his admiration of Diljit Dosanjh, his captivating videos, and reels that are both relatable and meme-worthy. With a growing Instagram following of 37.3K, karanjot_singh_Chandigarh influencer is poised to win over even more fans.

2- Ashley Kaur

@Ashleykaur_reen, a fitness influencer, stands out not just for being one of the few females in the fitness realm but also for her trendy Bhangra moves! Despite her background in biotechnology, she gained popularity through Instagram and now boasts a following of 775K.

3- Tavleen

Tavleen, a charming and stylish lifestyle and fashion influencer from Punjab, is renowned for her captivating Instagram content, particularly her reels. With an impressive Instagram following of 372K, @official.tavleen has attracted a devoted fan base.

4- Galcy

@Galcy_ a former biotechnologist who transitioned into a social media influencer, captivating her audience with her fashion, beauty, and culinary adventures. With a following of 113K, she’s endorsed a range of brands spanning from fashion to food.

5- Keshav

This 22-year-old lad from Amritsar is famous for his witty comedy videos and memes. With a growing fan base of 238k on Instagram, several of his videos have gone viral. These Punjabi influencers represent just a fraction of those entertaining their audiences with humorous content and lively reels. It’s evident that local influencers who connect with vernacular audiences are paving the way forward in influencer marketing!

6- Sardar Stake

Sardar’s Take offers authentic and unfiltered insights into Punjabi movies and music. As a critic, interviewer, show host, and dynamic content creator, Sardar pledges to provide the “MOST HONEST” reviews and reactions to the newest music videos and films. Collaborating with Film Companion, Sardar extends his influence in the entertainment world. His Instagram channel boasts an impressive 70.3K followers, showcasing his credibility and the trust viewers have in his opinions. For genuine perspectives on Punjabi cinema and music, @sardarstake is your go-to guide. 

7- Jaspreet Arora

Jaspreet, an MBA graduate turned comedy sensation, has a knack for turning everyday stories and observations into hilarious Punjabi comedy. @jaspreetdyora humor, filled with cultural references, resonates with audiences worldwide. Through her characters, especially “Chintu,” Jaspreet brings laughter to the forefront of her content. Her Punjabi comedy reels are both contagious and side-splitting. Besides comedy, Jaspreet is a devoted pet parent, adding authenticity and charm to her online presence with a follower count of 704K.

8- Surleen Pawar

Introducing Surleen Pawar, a Punjabi content creator passionate about enriching lives through her diverse content, based in Richmond, Virginia. Surleen excels in fashion, lifestyle, skincare, and travel-related content, offering practical guidance and inspiration.

Surleen pawar innate talent for curating tips and insightful reviews resonates with a broad audience of 34.5K, establishing her as a trusted source in various realms. 

To Conclude

In conclusion, tapping into the vibrant world of top Punjabi influencers can be a game-changer for brands aiming to make their mark in Punjab. With their unique understanding of the local culture and a dedicated following, these influencers possess the power to amplify brand messages and foster genuine connections with the audience. By collaborating with the right Punjabi influencers, brands can unlock new avenues for growth, establish a strong presence in the region, and ultimately, achieve their business objectives. As the influencer landscape continues to evolve, leveraging the influence of Punjabi creators promises to be a fruitful strategy for brands seeking to engage with the diverse and dynamic audience of Punjab.