Best Shark Tank Memes to Make You Laugh

Best Shark Tank Memes to Make You Laugh

Shark Tank India, a popular business reality show inspired by its American counterpart, has gained a significant fan base in its inaugural season. Entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of successful investors, known as “sharks,” in front of a live audience. Beyond its entertainment value, the show has become a source of inspiration for millions of businesses and startups. However, what’s equally captivating is the emergence of jokes and memes inspired by the show, which extend the enjoyment beyond the screen. We’ve curated a collection of the Best Shark Tank memes that are sure to tickle your funny bone, whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply in need of a good laugh.

1- Ye Sab Doglapan Hai!

Ashneer Grover on Shark Tank India was like that tough pill: hard to swallow, harder to digest, yet necessary. He delivered valuable lessons to some entrepreneurs and wasn’t gentle, but always honest. His iconic dialogues resonate with the reality of business.

Similarly, in business, there’s always that one customer who complains but keeps coming back. They might seek discounts or additional services. Understanding their motive is key. Next time you encounter such a customer, remember Grover’s dialogue and handle the situation wisely.

2- Ye deal toh main hi leke Jaungi

The “Ye deal Main leke Jaungi” meme originates from Shark Tank India and features a contestant confidently asserting their intention to seal the deal. It has become popular for depicting moments of boldness or determination in various contexts. In essence, it signifies the determination to succeed and take control of a situation, much like the contestant on the show.

3- Yahi toh maza hai

Namita Thapar left her mark on Shark Tank with thoughtful investments and her polite demeanor towards entrepreneurs.

In business, you’ll encounter doubters urging you to give up and find a job (inspired by Ashneer Grover’s “bhai tu naukri dhundh” dialogue). Others may question the stress of entrepreneurship, but remember to reply with “Yahi toh maza hai” and move forward.

The lesson from these Shark Tank memes is to persist in what you love. Embrace both the highs and lows, for they lead you closer to your goals.

4- Bhai kya kar raha hai tu

Window shopping can be enjoyable, but it’s a different story when you’re the seller. Customers browse, maybe even try your products, then walk away. Frustrating, right?

As business owners, we strive to sell, giving our best pitch. So, if you catch a window shopper dampening your spirits, be direct: “Bhai kya kar raha hai tu.”

5- Tum kamaal ke bande ho yaar.

Every customer holds value, but those who return frequently deserve heartfelt appreciation. When a repeat customer makes a purchase, let them know: “Tum kamaal ke bande ho yaar.”

6- The dynamic duo ft. Ritesh and Aman

In the midst of enduring a business pitch, Ritesh and Aman Gupta’s smiles reveal a secret pact: they’re pretending to be utterly captivated by the entrepreneur’s idea. It’s a masterful strategy to keep the pitch going while internally plotting their next move. Who knew smiles could be such effective masks for strategic planning in the Shark Tank arena?

7- Khilaiye khilaiye, Mithaai khilaiye

Ritesh’s memorable dialogues on Shark Tank, such as “Khilaiye khilaiye, Meethai khilaiye,” reflect his colorful and charismatic personality. This phrase, often used to celebrate success or achievements, embodies Ritesh’s penchant for acknowledging entrepreneurial victories with enthusiasm and encouragement. It underscores his role not only as a discerning judge but also as a cheerleader for entrepreneurship, adding a touch of warmth and celebration to the intense atmosphere of the show.

8- Bilkul Bakwas Idea hai

The phrase “Bilkul Bakwas Idea hai” translates to “This is a completely rubbish idea.” It’s a direct and candid expression often used in Shark Tank India when an investor strongly disagrees with a business proposal. This meme signifies straightforward feedback, emphasising the importance of honest critique in entrepreneurship.

9- That loook

“When you’re briefed on the business pitch and realize you’ve got all the answers:

Confidence level: through the roof

Ready to impress Judge Ritesh on Shark Tank like a seasoned entrepreneur

Let’s show them what we’ve got!

10- That moment

Watching Aman Gupta tear those cheques on indecisive entrepreneurs is like watching a horror movie where the villain’s weapon of choice is a paper shredder.

To Conclude

Shark Tank India has spawned numerous memes and meme templates that have 

spread across social media, akin to other popular shows. These memes offer fans a platform to engage and express their fondness for the series.

From humorous interpretations of the “sharks” to creative spins on the show’s premise, Shark Tank India memes and templates cater to diverse tastes, appealing to dedicated followers and casual viewers alike. Our collection showcases the breadth of these memes, providing entertainment for all.

We hope you enjoyed our assortment and had as much fun as we did! As a meme marketing agency, we understand the value of leveraging these cultural phenomena to engage audiences and foster community online.