Idiotic Media | Top 10 Meme Trend of the Year 2023

Top 10 Meme Trend of the Year 2023

Memes have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, becoming an unavoidable presence for every social media user. It’s safe to say, we all encounter trending memes. They inject vibrancy into our otherwise mundane routines, offering a dose of humor and relatability. This worldwide meme trend has taken the world by storm as well, proving that memes know no boundaries.

Below, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the worldwide meme trends for the year 2023.

1- Selena Gomez in a Blanket

Get Ready for Some Serious Coziness!

Imagine this: Selena Gomez, wrapped snugly in a blanket, gazing into the unknown. It’s a classic meme trend that fits into a wide range of situations and interests.

Check out how Kemi Marie added their unique twist to it – and it’s garnered an impressive 10.9K reposts (and still counting)!

2- The Boys

Idiotic Media | Top 10 Meme Trend of the Year 2023

Chances are, you’ve stumbled upon these! The boy’s meme trend has taken the internet, particularly Instagram, by storm. They give a funny peek into how spontaneous and amusing guys can be. These memes quickly spread like wildfire on social media, catching the eyes of a massive audience. People are getting creative with these videos, bringing fresh and exciting ideas to life.

3- Heropanti: ‘Choti bachi ho kya’ meme

A line from Tiger Shroff’s movie ‘Heropanti’, “Choti bachi ho kya?” has taken the internet by storm. This happened after a mimicry artist recreated it in a viral video. This was all the cue the enthusiastic internet users needed. They started using this dialogue in all sorts of situations, turning it into a meme trend on the internet right now.

4- Shark Tank India Memes

Shark Tank, once confined to our TV screens, has now made its way into the realm of memes, especially among the younger audience. Recently, the global franchise introduced its Indian version, and the “sharkies” swiftly joined the meme scene, adding a fun twist to their popularity. 

5 – Xavier- With his Lit Replies

Meet Xavier, known in India as Pakalu Papito. He resides in Minneapolis and shot to internet stardom in 2015. And guess what? He’s still as viral as ever! People take Xavier’s mockups and cleverly add fiery comments, and it’s hard to deny that sometimes they’re spot on!

6 – Munna Bhaiya’s Meme

If you’re familiar with Mirzapur, you’ve surely encountered Munna Bhaiya. There’s a meme from the show with the iconic line, “ye badhiya tha guru”. People frequently use this meme to applaud witty sarcasm. So, next time your friend drops a clever one-liner, be sure to send them this meme!

7 – Squid Game Memes

With its sudden and colossal surge in popularity, Netflix’s Korean drama series “Squid Game” has also given rise to some incredibly popular meme moments that viewers just can’t get enough of. From heart-wrenching emotional scenes to clever real-life references, the brilliance of this show is hard to forget. After scouring through the internet, we’re here to share some of the standout “Squid Game” memes that have caught our eye.

8 – Teacher’s Copy Vs. Student’s Copy

In this series of memes, people cleverly contrast two pictures of varying qualities. One is a vibrant, colorful version, while the other is in black and white. This trend originates from the familiar scenario where teachers typically had access to high-quality prints, while students often received dull, black-and-white copies. It’s fascinating how this subtle difference has turned into a meme phenomenon! 

9 – Jennifer Lawrence on Hot Ones

When it comes to creating trending memes, interviews with spicy wings are the perfect ingredients. This week, catch Jennifer Lawrence’s reaction to Sean Evans giving the last hot sauce a good shake.

Check out how Girlboss transformed this moment into hilariously relatable workplace content:

10 – Kourtney Kardashian’s “I’m Pregnant” Sign

Imagine the moment when Kourtney Kardashian combines a baby announcement with a meme. That’s exactly what happened when the reality star held up a sign that said “Travis I’m pregnant!” at a Blink-182 concert. The internet swiftly transformed it into shareable content.