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Top 10 Health Influencers in India

Looking for some inspiration to kickstart your fitness routine? Look no further than these incredible health influencers from India who can give you that extra push on your fitness journey!

During the lockdowns, many of us struggled to prioritize our health. But thanks to these local health influencers on YouTube and Instagram, we had access to home workout videos that kept us moving and motivated. They not only demonstrated effective exercises but also shared their nutritious diets and daily routines, encouraging us to make positive changes in our lives.

If you’re aiming to gain more muscle or seeking your next fitness inspiration, you’re in the right place! Below, we’ve compiled a list of the leading fitness and health influencers in India. Lace up your shoes, and let’s get ready to go!

1- Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav, popularly known as Flying Beast, is a man of many talents. He’s a bodybuilder, a commercial pilot, and a certified nutritionist hailing from Kanpur, India. Back in 2013, he stepped into his first bodybuilding competition and clinched the gold medal. Since then, he’s been consistently achieving remarkable success.

On his Instagram with a follower count of 4 million, you can catch glimpses of @taneja.gaurav engaging in cricket, revealing his passion for not only bodybuilding but also other sports. For an in-depth look into Gaurav’s fitness journey, head over to his YouTube channel, FitMuscleTV. There, he shares insightful videos about bodybuilding competitions, fitness, and nutrition. With Gaurav as your guide, you’re in for expert advice on attaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

2- Banij

Introducing VJ Bani, a fierce actress, Indian fitness model, and former MTV presenter. She’s not just about appearances, but she also boasts well-shaped muscles and striking tattoos. If you’re seeking workout motivation, do check out her Instagram account with a follower count of 1.5 million. There, you’ll find striking photos and videos of her workouts that might just get you sweating from watching. 

@banij has teamed up with various sports and fitness brands such as Monster Energy Drink, My Protein, and ZIG Kinetica. This demonstrates that she’s not only a fitness icon, but also a trusted ambassador for some of the top fitness companies worldwide.

3- Yasmin Karachiwala

In search of a Pilates instructor to guide you on your fitness journey? Allow me to introduce you to Yasmin, one of the most renowned Pilates instructors in India! Beyond her expertise in fitness, she is also the founder and CEO of Yasmin Body Image, a widely acclaimed physical fitness center in the country. @yasminkarachiwala firmly believes that achieving fitness should be uncomplicated and within everyone’s reach. This belief drives her to produce instructional videos featuring home workouts, dietary advice, and daily routines.

Yasmin’s content is particularly valuable for women dealing with PCOS, as she offers tips and exercises to ease their symptoms with a follower count of a million. Additionally, she crafts HIIT videos, dispels fitness myths, and shares informative visuals that benefit anyone seeking to enhance their fitness levels. 

4 Rohit Khatri

Rohit Khatri is a dedicated sports science nutritionist and fitness enthusiast who generously imparts his expertise and experiences to his followers. He didn’t always possess a sculpted physique, and he openly shares his motivating two-year fitness transformation journey through his vlogs. His channel is a treasure trove of workout guides, dietary plans, and health advice, all aimed at assisting viewers in attaining their fitness aspirations.

Rohit also produces unboxing videos and reviews of fitness products to aid his audience in making well-informed choices on their fitness journey. On his Instagram, @rohitkhatrifitness shares snippets of workout tutorials and personal encounters, and he’s garnered a devoted follower count of 797K due to his genuineness and willingness to be vulnerable.

5- Sunaina Setia

Are you passionate about bodybuilding? Let me introduce you to @sunaina_setia, a Chief Exercise Specialist and a proud member of the International Federation of BodyBuilders Pro. She’s a decorated bodybuilding champion, with a string of awards to her name.

On her Instagram followers count of 502K, you can catch Sunaina in action, sharing videos of her gym workouts, and demonstrating exercises with precision and proper form. She’s also a strong advocate for using food supplements that aid in muscle development. If you’re in search of a fitness expert who knows how to craft an impressive physique, Sunaina is the one to follow!

6- Namrata Purohit 

If you’re keen on sports nutrition, meet @namratapurohit! She’s not only a sports nutritionist but also an accomplished author, entrepreneur, and the brains behind The Pilates Studio and The Earth Circle. Check out her Instagram with a follower count of 440K for a glimpse into her fitness journey. Her uplifting captions are bound to motivate you to get active!

Namrata is a certified Pilates reformer, and she’s competed in Squash and football at both national and international levels. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from Loughborough University. Moreover, she’s a part of Nike’s Unstoppable Women Campaign and has garnered numerous accolades including the ELLE Beauty Awards Fitness Expert Of The Year and the Vogue Beauty Awards Fitness Expert Of The Year.

7- Fit Tuber

Fit Tuber is a unique fitness enthusiast who emphasizes that true fitness isn’t only about building muscles, but also about feeling healthy and self-assured. On his channel, you’ll find a wealth of health information, including tips, wholesome recipes, workout guides, and motivating talks to encourage viewers to lead their optimal lives.

@fittuber also produces reaction videos and well-researched product reviews, offering valuable perspectives on natural detoxification, superfoods, and weight loss products. His captivating content and educational videos have garnered a substantial follower count of 295K and motivated numerous individuals to embrace a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

8- Yoga With Shaheeda 

If you’re looking for diverse yoga tutorials, don’t miss out on @yogawithshaheeda. Shaheeda’s goal is to reach out to numerous individuals through yoga, offering tutorials for enhanced well-being. Her Instagram with a follower count of 156K covers a range of yoga practices, catering to meditation, physical discomfort, respiratory issues, beauty, and even fertility concerns. Shaheeda holds a Master’s in Yoga Therapy and is a certified nutritionist. Additionally, she provides online yoga classes.

9- Anjali Kunwar

@yoganjali_ is more than just a yoga instructor; she’s also an Ayurveda Therapist. On her Instagram follower count of 121K, you’ll find incredible videos and photos of her gracefully performing various yoga poses outdoors. Her followers appreciate how her posts exude a calming and soothing atmosphere.

Yet, Anjali’s talents extend beyond yoga. She not only models and supports yoga attire but also conducts online classes and partners with fellow fitness enthusiasts. Her captions are brimming with positivity and motivation, consistently emphasizing the advantages of practicing yoga.

10Dronacharya The Gym

If you’re passionate about bodybuilding, you should check out Dronacharya, and an Instagram account with a follower count of 11.2K! @dronacharyathegymhudsonlane offers fantastic workout guides and training routines that target various muscle groups, covering everything from the core and legs to the shoulders, back, and chest. Whether you have access to equipment or not, they’ve got bodybuilding exercises suitable for both home and gym settings.

But wait, there’s more! Dronacharya also provides valuable advice on diet and nutrition for muscle and weight gain. And if you’re a man aspiring to compete, they even share posing techniques that could give you an edge in competitions. He has earned numerous awards in their bodybuilding careers, so you can have full confidence in the quality of his guidance.