Make-Up Artists on Instagram you should be following

Make-Up Artists on Instagram you should be following

All social media platforms are emerging to be a marketplace for millions of brands all around the globe, and amidst this haste, it is getting difficult to keep up. Still, one thing keeps us occupied and entertained throughout applying makeup or watching pros experiment with it. May it be subtle and chic looks or splashes of colours that amaze us. 

The journey of makeup in the Indian market wasn’t as smooth and was even rocky for men who are now rocking the makeup industry in India.

Here are some of the baddies of the Indian Makeup Industry.

  1. Mrunal Panchal

The breathtaking stylist and makeup artist made her way into the industry based on her talent and unique looks. She constantly tries to experiment with new looks and come up with fresh makeup trends. She also tends to educate her audience on the types of makeup, and how it looks under different lighting. With a following of over 4.1 million, she constantly tries to do better for her fans.

  1. Bhumika Bahl

The celebrity artist, and the makeup artist who knows the ins and outs of her art. Bhumika Bahl has been dominating the makeup industry for quite some time, she also takes up classes to pass on her knowledge of cosmetics, and it is no surprise that they are a huge success. Her demeanour and way of talking is truly mesmerizing and will surely make you listen to her with all intent. 

  1. Komal Pandey

A familiar name in the influencer and fashion industry. Komal Pandey is a complete baddie when it comes to makeup. She is a trendsetter and often comes up with makeup trends that people follow. A bold and strong personality with a stunning and artistic hand in makeup. 

  1. Ankush Bahuguna

A pioneer in normalizing makeup for men, Ankush Bahuguna, has come a long way, from comedy videos to fashion and makeup influencing. He is a pro in his field, often assisting his female co-stars in looking at their glam selves.

  1. Anmol Bhatia

Anmol Bhatia is the ultimate next-door humble diva who never ceases to amaze. Her subtle yet glamorous looks can make heads turn, and people swirl over her beauty. She tries to make user-friendly looks that people have no trouble replicating. With a following of over 1 million, she is active on reels and often follows trends. 

  1. Swati Verma

A chic and glam queen, Swati Verma, rules Instagram with her bold and smart looks. They are often a perfect blend of black and gold and have the perfect touch of stardom to it

  1. Shantanu Dhope

His Instagram does the talking for him in the makeup world, Shantanu Dhope has a way with his beauty blender, magic in his hands that curates absolutely stunning looks. He is extremely comfortable in his own skin and advocates the same. Strongly standing against stereotypes of men in makeup, he never ceases to amaze us.