How much Naveen Singh charged for one Instagram post

How much Naveen Singh charged for one Instagram post

The wave of TikTok swept in all kinds of talent from across the globe. Though outlawed in India, TikTok sure left its impact. A lot of people were exposed to the world of social media, exposed to the art of videography, and attained fame through the app alone. People discovered and found their talent in bizarre things, opening a new genre of activities to explore hobbies to take up, and passions to follow. People sure made the best of it. Even after the fallout of the app, people were left with a direction to follow and shifted majorly to Youtube and Instagram.

The world of social media saw its turning point. We were exposed to content like never before with decreasing attention spans but higher scrolling speeds. Infused stories and poetries in short clips, lessons, and values in 9 seconds snippets, the written word and thought was once again valued and appreciated. This is where we find artists like Naveen Singh, popularly known as Bihari Ladka.

Naveen Singh, aka Bihari Ladka, has been the heart and soul of millions of ordinary audiences, resonating with his content and relating to his life experiences. What started as a hobby turned out to be an entirely blown career.

Naveen got into the art of video making via Tik Tok in 2019, along with his grandmother, a duo his audience enjoyed. Naveen was a naive boy with the purest heart and intentions when he started his career on TikTok, his purity has won him over 1.8 million followers on Instagram as of 2023.

Exploring the Real life of Reel Star, Naveen Singh

Though known for his roles as a comic singer and dancer, some of his early works include deep heart touching poetry and Shayari, something he set aside as he progressed as a comic in the digital age.

He owes his success to his grandmother and firmly believes that the turning point of his fame was through a video of his grandmother lip-syncing to the popular song ‘DOPE SHOPE.’ That is when people started reaching out to me as ‘Bihari Ladka,’ he said.

Making his way from TikTok to Instagram and then to Youtube, with over 5.5 million subscribers as of 2023, It is safe to say that his audience resonates with his content and like watching him perform, and that is precisely what Naveen Singh had in mind since childhood, he sincerely follows the golden worlds of his father ‘ humari soch kabhi middle-class wali nahi honi chahiye, Agar hum Udne ka hi nahi sochenge toh udne ki koshish hi kaise kar paayenge’.

Completing his schooling at Indirapuram Public School in Ghaziabad, he was a scholar and did seemingly well in his studies, but unlike most scholars, he took the artistic route and decided to follow his performer instincts. He can often be seen telling a story through his content, creating transitional videos, the kind that is popular amongst his audience. Naveen also performs Shayari to keep the poetic side of himself alive and entertained.

Printing numbers on Instagram, brands in collaboration with Naveen Singh

With a following of millions on Instagram and Youtube, Naveen is in collaboration with many top-shot brands: and sure prints notes via promotions only. He can be seen advertising various products and experiences on his Instagram. His naive and pure nature has a captivating effect on people. Naveen also uses the famous ‘Dadi Pota ki Jodi’ on Instagram to advertise homely and cosy brands.

Below is what Naveen Singh makes via Instagram alone.

Instagram Story- 60- 70k

Instagram reel- 70- 80k

Instagram static- 50- 60k

Instagram carousel- 60- 70k

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