How much did Radhika Bangia charge for one Instagram post

How much did Radhika Bangia charge for one Instagram post

If we were to back to the days of Youtube as a source of entertainment, we would see many familiar faces, theatre actors trying to make us laugh, challenges, pranks and whatnot. It is safe to admit that half the people we see on OTT r came from the direction of a digital medium. Youtube played the most prominent role in launching these talented actors and entertainers. Their journey started with basic content creation, which was later monetized. 

It is no surprise that getting launched on the bigger screen is an arduous task for a commoner, but Youtube or any other digital platform might act as a ladder if you are headed in the right direction. It can give you the confidence and exposure you need if you ever see yourself performing for the masses. Much like the diva Radhika Bangia, youtube was the stepping stone to success.

With over 1.8 million followers on Instagram as of 2023, Radhika Bangia is an Actress, Model and former Youtuber. She started her glorious career by auditioning in Mumbai for numerous roles, even 6-7 a day. But considering the adversities that acting presents as a profession, she would get 3-4 callbacks a month. The strong soul that she is, Radhika never gave up. She did change paths, though.

Radhika started content creation to get her mind off the exhausting audition routine. Little did she know content creation would improve her career. She started as a side character in mediocre web series and later became the lead actress in many popular web series. Debuting in Welcome back (2015), she was cherished by her fans on the big screen, paving her way to acting as a full-time career.

Getting to the diva- Radhika Bangia

Besides being a diva, Radhika is also a trained dancer and can be seen as one in KGF Chapter 2. Her moves left the audience stumped! The diverse actress has rocked both Youtube and Cinema. One of her most viewed works is with Ashish Chanchlani on the lines of Valentines, and their video got over 7.9 million views. 

Her career on youtube paved the way for her career in cinema. She was seen in Gehraiyaan alongside Deepika Padukone and Siddhant Chaturvedi, which is a massive break for her!

Conquering the hearts of millions in India, Radhika plans to enter the Korean acting industry. She is a major K-Drama and K- Pop fanatic and wishes to be in one of the Korean movies. Tracing her way back to her college, Macleans College, Auckland, New Zealand, Radhika was friends with a Korean girl who got her into BTS!

Treading lightly towards her dread, Radhika has already collaborated with Alan Chikin Chow, a Chinese content creator. She has also been invited to multiple Korean events in India, including the one hosted by Spotify. She has already started working towards her dream of being an actress in Korean films by working in Wong Fu productions in an advertisement skit for Viki Rakuten, one of the biggest Korean platforms! She plans to be managed by a Korean agency to kickstart her career in K- Drama!

Crunching numbers with Radhika Bangia

The diva has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram and has collaborated with high-end brands like Maybelline, Zomato (also her first advertisement shoot), OnePlus, Whisper and Kellogg’s. It is a delight to see a self-sufficient woman on screen making her way into the industry with a strong impact!

Here is what Radhika Bangia charges for posting on her Instagram:

Instagram Story- 80- 90k

Instagram reel- 1 lac- 2 lac

Instagram static- 60- 70k

Instagram carousel- 80k- 1lac