How much did Sunny Chopra charge for one Instagram post

How much did Sunny Chopra charge for one Instagram post

The TikTok wave attracted global talent of all stripes. TikTok certainly had an impact, despite being illegal in India. Through the app alone, many people were introduced to the world of social media and the craft of videography, and it gained popularity. Individuals discovered and developed their talents in strange things, creating a new field of pursuits for hobbies and passions. Everyone did their best with what they had. Despite the app’s failure, individuals still needed a path to follow and mainly turned to Youtube and Instagram.

Instagram, Youtube and TikTok replaced activities like storytelling under banyan trees, watching movies together under the stars, and attending vibrant melas; those days when going out to have fun were long gone. As everyone carries their phone and is essentially carrying entertainment, joy can be found wherever you want it to be.

The push marketing strategy or extensive advertising did not make Youtube or Instagram famous; instead, their target audience was drawn to the app itself, which later led to the expansion of their initially restricted target audience. As a result, almost all age groups now regularly use Youtube and Instagram.

That resulted in the success of artists who made their way into the digital world via the means of the internet alone, artists like Sunny Chopra.

Exploring the real life of Reel star, Sunny Chopra

TikTok impacted people, and then Instagram took the reins to create that same scrolling effect through reels. No matter how much we deny it, the comfort of sitting and scrolling mindlessly while enjoying quality content is top-notch.

Sunny Chopra aims to create content that can move people and make them understand the depths of unnoticed and ignored issues. He is an Instagram icon with over 1.8 million followers, a fitness model, Influencer, dancer and choreographer, a complete package, in short!

The 28-year-old artist is the heartthrob of millions of girls, who enjoy watching him perform, and go nuts over his charming smile and signature moves. He is best known for his lip-syncing and transition videos. With about 984k subscribers on Youtube, Sunny tries to be consistent with his content there; he likes posting pranks and challenges videos and documenting his life on social media.

Sunny was also sure of his passion after completing his schooling at Arya Vidya mandir, Mumbai and graduating with a Bachelor of Business administration from Mumbai University. He started with TikTok and then decided to make his art in videography a full-time career. Now he collaborates with multiple big-shot brands that hire him because of content and reach. Sunny Chopra aims to star on the more giant screens and fancies the cinematic appeal of Prabhas as an actor.

Apart from acting, Sunny Chopra is also a fitness influencer and spends about 2 to 3 hours in the gym. About 40% of his content is about fitness and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. He can be seen broadcasting the benefits of a good and disciplined lifestyle.

Crunching numbers with Sunny Chopra

With an Instagram following of millions of people, Sunny Chopra can easily earn via brand endorsements on his Instagram. His content is viral among his fans, and he collaborates with high-end brands due to this popularity.

Here is what Sunny Chopra charges for posting on his Instagram:

Instagram story- 80k- 90k

Instagram reel- 1- 2lac

Instagram static- 50- 60k

Instagram carousel- 70- 90k