Idiotic Media | How much did Shubhi Sharma charge for one Instagram post?

How much did Shubhi Sharma charge for one Instagram post?

Shubhi Sharma is a versatile and extremely celebrated actress in the Bhojpuri film Industry. With about 2.9M followers on Instagram as of 2023, she continues to woo people with her mesmerizing acting. The Bhojpuri actress enjoys staying in the headlines and can be seen often around the press due to her dazzling presence.

Though known and celebrated for her Bhojpuri film career, she was also seen alongside John Abraham in a stunning dance piece “20-20” for the film “Welcome Back” 2015. The song clearly highlights her intricate dance moves, thus proving that Shubhi is also an amazing dancer alongside an actor. Shubhi Sharma has never delivered a dull performance, no wonder she has a fan following of millions!

Born on 28th March 1986 in Jaipur Rajasthan, Shubhi has been winning hearts since 2008 from her debut performance in Chalni Ke Chalal Dulha opposite Pravesh Lal Yadav. She sure won hearts, and awards as Best Female Debut at the 5th Bhojpuri Film Awards. Her performance as a debut actress was widely acclaimed by the film industry and her fans.

Insights: Details about Shubhi Sharma’s life

Daughter of Rupa Sharma and a sister to Anu Sharma, Shubhi is dearest to them. She dearly enjoys dancing and singing and often prefers expressing her talent on stage. Admired by her fans, she actively takes part in social events and ceremonies. Her stage performances are a banger and highly sought after. 

Though her acting career kickstarted in 2008, she always wanted to be an actress, a singer, or a dancer. Her passion drove her to the film industry amidst all fame and love. She can be seen starring in famous films like ‘Hero’, ‘Santaan’, ‘Dulhe Raja’, ‘Tiger’ and ‘Chhapra Express’. 

Amongst her many talents, she always finds time to update her Instagram audience about everything that happens in her life. She can be seen going live on Instagram from time to time, she even enjoys making reels and tries her best to keep up with trends.

Let’s Collaborate with Shubhi Sharma!

The actress started her acting career at age 22 and explored all her other talents while being an amazing actress. She can be seen driving often and claims driving gives her peace and comfort. The actress is comfortable in her own skin but can be seen doing brand collaborations from time to time. Shubhi Sharma is also an extremely religious person and can be spotted in temples. 

She is surely an Instagram sensation and enjoys the attention of her fans. Keeping up with trends and staying on top of reels, her fans enjoy seeing her on screen. The exceptional actress has always been active with her presence on screen. Her acting skills are appreciated by directors and her co-actors as well!

Instagram: A money-making machine for Shubhi Sharma

The Bhojpuri actress has about 2.9M followers on Instagram, her fans enjoy watching her on all platforms, thus she can earn good bucks via brand collaborations alone. Her career as an influencer has also been paying off well.

Considering the frequency and the reach of her posts and reels on Instagram, brands line up to collaborate with the actress. It is viable for her to charge big bucks to post anything for any brand attaching her name to it.

Down below is what Shubhi Sharma charges to post the following attaching her credibility to it. 

Instagram Story- 70k- 90k

Instagram reel- 1- 2lac

Instagram static- 40k- 60k

Instagram carousel- 60k- 90k