How much did Radhika Seth charge for one Instagram post?

How much did Radhika Seth charge for one Instagram post?

We have wanted to be models at least once in our life. To walk the ramp with a full stride, millions of cameras on us, unaffordable designers begging us to wear their designs to an event, or be surrounded by fans chanting our name is a dream! For some, it isn’t just a dream, not a far-fetched idea meant only for the great.

The Indian fashion and modelling industry has seen a major hit after the advent of social media platforms, giving exposure to local artists, a platform for them to express themselves and impress!

Radhika is an eye candy and soul food, making waves in the fashion and social media and influencing the industry. She is also a dancer and a fashion blogger and often posts her fits on Instagram; her fans love watching her experiment with new looks and outfits.

Exploring the real life of reel star, Radhika Seth

Radhika Seth’s success as a model is not limited to the runway and fashion industry. In recent years, she has also found great success on Instagram, where she has amassed a following of over 1 million followers. On her Instagram page, Radhika shares photos of her modelling work and glimpses into her personal life. She uses the platform to connect with her fans and followers, sharing inspiring messages and promoting causes she cares about.

One of the reasons for Radhika’s success on Instagram is her ability to curate a visually stunning feed. Her photos are carefully selected and edited to create a cohesive aesthetic that is beautiful and engaging. She also uses creative captions and hashtags to further engage with her audience.

Additionally, Radhika has leveraged her Instagram following to secure partnerships with brands and companies. She has worked with various brands, including clothing and beauty companies, 

Radhika’s success on Instagram is a testament to her ability to connect with her audience and create engaging content. As social media continues to play an increasingly important role in the fashion industry, it is clear that Radhika Seth is a model who understands the power of this platform and is using it to her advantage.

She has been managed by her talent management organization for quite some time now. They keep a check on her endorsements and brand advertisements. She is also an avid pet lover and has a dog named Barfee, and she can often be seen posting him on her Instagram.

She also loves to travel and loves books as a stress buster activity. Radhika Seth is an amazing influencer because she is trusted by millions of people who will see their posts and take action on them!

Crunching Numbers with Radhika Seth

In her little time in the social media industry, she has already endorsed brands like Colgate, OnePlus, Myntra, Sugarbear Hair, and Foreo on her Instagram account. Radhika Seth has also been in brand endorsements with Sakshi Malik, an indian wrestler for L’Oreal Paris, Sofy sanitary napkins, and HP Laptop with Deepika Padukone.

She has starred in various other music videos and is slowly making her way into acting. Her Instagram has over 1 million followers in 2023, and her feed is aesthetically pleasing and engaging. Thus, she charges bug bucks to post o it. Here’s the list.

Instagram story- 1- 2lac

Instagram reel- 3- 4lac

Instagram static- 80- 90k

Instagram carousel- 80k- 1lac

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