Top Food Critics in India who can make you drool

Top Food Critics in India who can make you drool

There is nothing in the world, that a hearty and scrumptious meal can’t solve. The strings of cheese or the crisp layer of a  Crème Brûlée and everything in between have the power to affect our moods. The sight of anything tasty can heal all wounds, after all, food is a person’s best friend.

Some people on Instagram can make anything look flavorful and delectable, or maybe that is what food does to us, here are all those people who can make your mouth water through the screen.

Here is a list of tasteful people with aesthetic feeds

  1. Shivesh Bhatia

With over 1 million followers, Shivesh Bhatia is a self-taught home baker, his recipes and presentation of dishes are to die for. He can make turn any boring item into a gourmet dish. Along with baking and cooking, Shivesh also tries and tests Kitchen gadgets and hacks and checks the reliability of anything posted on Instagram under the cooking and kitchen genre. The aesthetic appeal of his dishes is high-end.

  1. Kabita Singh 

Kabita’s kitchen focuses on transforming boring everyday food into something tasty every day. She can turn anything mundane and monotonous into something fun and flavorful. Her fans particularly enjoy the rawness and reality of her cooking videos. She is headed strongly in the food-influencing industry with 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

  1. Pragya Saini

Pragya Saini goes by the handle of Thisisdelhi, she started her food journey with the idea to explore and spread awareness about Delhi’s cuisine, but later she branched into different cuisines and types. She is a food blogger and critic and goes to great depths to explain the origin, type and history of common foods. 

  1. Govind P

Popularly known as Kerela Foodie, Govind started his food journey as a traveller and later realised his love and passion for food and different cuisines. Earlier Kerela Foodie was a group of people advocating about dishes and their origins, with time everyone started departing from the group, leaving Govind who assumed complete control of the page and youtube channel and took it to heights. 

  1. Meghna 

Meghna’s Food Magic, is the ultimate food page on Instagram. After becoming the mother to a beautiful daughter, Meghna realised the importance of being self-sufficient and decided to put her idea into food, taking her on a tasteful journey. She intends on creating dishes that are healthy and yummy, something that is rich in protein and vitamins and something that kids will enjoy eating. 

  1. Pooja Dhingra

A trained pastry chef and a major food enthusiast with over 7.1 million followers on Instagram, Pooja Dhingra is an inspiration to many aspiring bakers. Popularly known as the macron lady, she has mastered almost all levels of patisserie. She is also an author and runs a podcast. Her Instagram posts are extremely aesthetically pleasing and can make you crave something sweet at sight.

  1. Mehak Dhawan

An average college student exploring the tasteful world of foods and delicacies. Mehak Dhawan has always been a foodie, she is now taking her passion and interest in food to the heights of tastiness. Her feed is full of promotions and deals on foods, what to try and what to not. Mehak is one of those people who will give you unfiltered advice and suggestions when it comes to food.