How much did Ashwitha S charge for one Instagram post?

How much did Ashwitha S charge for one Instagram post?

We have all spent a fair share of our tween life pretending to be on a ramp or having all eyes and cameras on us, a large hall swimming with reporters, journalists, and fans swooning all over us, paparazzi following us wherever we go, tracking things we do, taking interest in our interests, to live that famous life.

Amidst this wild fantasy, we saw ourselves modelling, posing for pictures, chilling in vanity vans, and living that glamorous life, hell when I was a kid, I used to ‘watch my weight’ to be a model, apparently we have evolved from those beauty standards and the industry has seen significant growth.

Only some people crack the code to be a model, be confident enough to embrace their skin and present it to others with full pride and zeal. One such inspiring and revolutionary story is that of Ashwitha S 

The life of Ashwitha S behind the lens

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Ashwitha completed her high school education at a local school and then graduated from a university with a Bachelor of Arts. She always had the zeal to model and to act, putting those dreams to use, she started with a little content creation on the famous streaming platform Tik Tok, after receiving immense love from her fans, she took her content to Instagram, and the response was insane!

Being able to capture over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, her pictures and fits were deeply admired by her fans, thus giving her a clear path into modelling.

Posting on social media was the life-changing turn of her life and she has been conscious of it ever since, she is quite regular on Instagram and keeps us fans entertained with her hot, sizzling, and new content. Being a fashion model, she has so far signed numerous Indian and international modelling assignments. Ashwitha has a way around the camera, that just entices you, and can make you look at her for hours! She is also an inspiration for girls who are trying to make it in the fashion world. 

Ashwitha is finally making a name in the fashion industry, thanks to her skills around the lens and her stunning figure as a model! So far she has worked with big-shot healthcare and beauty brands like Oh Polly, Boohoo, and Pretty Little Things. Her main source of income is via these brand endorsements, advertisements, modelling, music videos, and web shows.

Might be a bummer for some, but Ashwitha is currently spoken for, by Warren Timms, a Dubai resident, businessman, and social media influencer. The couple often posts videos and photos on Instagram enjoying their time together, they also share a fondness for luxury cars. Their feed is filled with chic and fancy cars, in all the best colours and models.

Crunching numbers with Aswitha S

The stunning and gorgeous model has cracked into the modelling world in a short span. She has gained immense popularity on popular social media platforms and has landed herself big-shot endorsements and modelling assignments, both local and international. Here is what the diva charges to post on her Instagram

Instagram story- 2- 3lac

Instagram reel- 3- 4lac

Instagram static- 80- 90k

Instagram carousel- 70- 90k