Top 5 Food Bloggers in Delhi You Must Know on Youtube and Instagram

Top 5 Food Bloggers in Delhi You Must Know on Youtube and Instagram

The chilly winters, traditional central streets, monuments, Connaught Place, and food- this is what Delhi is all about. Indeed, with the tag of being the country’s capital, it can surely be labeled as the -FOOD CAPITAL. You know that Delhi has a heart of food-as; you step into any street, and you’ll be served anything you want- and MOMOS for sure.

Delhi is definitely a foodie’s city; for instance, if you ask somebody what’s the best thing to explore in Delhi- the answer would be food, especially Old Delhi’s food. And you know what has pushed the capital’s food with a new-fangled approach? It’s the social media trend- FOOD BLOGGING!

Let’s dive deeper into this editorial to know broadly about –

  • What is food blogging?
  • 5 Best food bloggers in Delhi on Instagram and Youtube
  • To the bottom line

What is Food Blogging?

Indeed, food blogging may come up as an altogether new term for a significant portion of the audience. However, it has been something we all have witnessed for a couple of years and is more expansive than just watching food snaps.

So, food blogging is basically about creating informative content around food. Indeed, it can be in terms of blog writing, youtube videos, recipes, restaurant meal reviews, travel and food evaluations, and influencer marketing.

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In all, food blogging is interweaving gourmet curiosity & awareness of food for the food enthusiasts by the food enthusiasts. Moreover, it is to note that food blogging can be inclined to any state, city, street, shop, restaurant, country, or anywhere else and on any social media platform.

For instance,  you can find food bloggers in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Ahemdabad, and anywhere in India on both Instagram and Youtube.

Interconnection of Food Blogging and Social Media-

Apparently, the food blogging, a period back, was embraced on Youtube as that was the most visited channel by the viewers. However, post the changes in social media platforms, viewership on Instagram and Youtube together inclined as a stage for the food bloggers to get down and grow.

Now, Instagram Reels, Live, Videos, and Stories have become one of the extensively used social network tools for foodies. In addition, the food enthusiasts own youtube channels that are a mode of sharing thoughts in the way of their stories, videos, food vlog series, travel vlogging, homegrown recipes, food challenges, etc.  

5 Best Food Bloggers in Delhi on Instagram and Youtube

While Delhi’s been inherently known for its myriad of food options available in every street you go in. The best food bloggers have given the additional push in Delhi on Instagram and Youtube. Here is a list of Delhi food bloggers who stand up in the name incline of the top food bloggers in India.

Sarah Hussain (Zingyzest)

Who knew a 19-year-old girl just pursuing her graduation would lead the food critics industry. Sarah Hussain now has an unparalleled evaluating following on both Instagram and Youtube. Indeed, she has been reviewing food all around Delhi, India, and now globally as well.

Karan Dua (dilsefoodie)

If you are a Punjabi by heart and then visiting the Instagram and Youtube of Karan Dua will give you true FOMO feels. His food reviews are actually amazing to fill your mouth with an ocean and heart with eagerness to try that particular food then and there.

Mehak Dhawan (foodiesince96)

Once you explore the Instagram and Youtube accounts of Mehak, you will surely feel as if you have just traveled the streets of Delhi. Indeed, she is the perfect example of eating without caring for anybody around.  

Kuljyoti Dhingra (Kuljyoti Dhingra)

A girl from an economics background has rocked up around the social web for reviewing new food tales and also cooks scrumptious recipes by herself. She is a true food enthusiast and would make you drool over meals just by watching her profile.

Nikita Varma (iamdatingfood)

How much delicious dating food can look like- we need to see through the Instagram of Nikita Varma. She is definitely dating food for a long, and we all can witness this from her accounts. So, if you want to know about Delhi food and a couple of different cuisines, then do check out her account.

To the Bottom Line-

Food blogging has become one of the most creative, fun-oriented, and interesting ways to earn and explore around. Also, it gives another way to tour the city or the place you would visit for food. Here is the list of the top 5 food bloggers in Delhi on Instagram and Youtube. So, new updates are coming soon!

Happy Eating Foodies!

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