Top 10 Finance Influencers in India You Must Check Out!

Top 10 Finance Influencers in India You Must Check Out!

For many people, finance becomes a difficult topic to understand. It also becomes the reason why people avoid understanding finances early in life. In India, schools do not incorporate personal finances in the curriculum. Therefore, people fail to realize the importance of managing their finances.

Financial jargons are not everyone’s cup of tea. Those who specialised in the field recognize this. With the boom in social media, various individuals have come forward to demystify the idea of managing personal finances and investing the right way. 

In this manner, they make sure social media like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube does not just remain a medium of entertainment.

These influencers not only educate their viewers about finance but also cover topics of business, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. Various influencers in this domain possess a great appeal amongst the masses.

Here are 10 finance influencers whose profiles you must check out!

  • CA Rachana Ranade:

Rachana Ranade is a CA by profession whose passion lies in teaching. She educates on finance and stock markets and aims to simplify these topics through her YouTube channel. Her channel has over 3 million subscribers & more than 6 lakh followers on Instagram. She also runs several courses on the subject, which, going by her content online, you can also check out!

Neha Nagar:

Neha Nagar is an entrepreneur who helps in simplifying finance by creating content. Her YouTube channel has 3.5 lakh subscribers and her Instagram profile is about to reach a million followers! Check out her profile on both these platforms if you want to understand finance, stock & business in the most simple and entertaining ways.

Ankur Warikoo:

Another entrepreneur whose work on social media focuses on how to invest money focuses on your investing habits. He also provides tips for growing your business. Additionally, ways in which you can grow personally and professionally. Do check his profile on Instagram for more!

Sharan Hegde:

Sharan is an ex-management consultant who creates content on managing finances, stocks, and cryptocurrency among other topics. You can check out his Instagram handle- @financewithsharan where he presents his topics in an informational and entertaining way. These qualities make him relatable to a large section of the audience.

Anushka Rathod:

A former investment banker & CFA level 2 candidate, Anushka Rathod creates informational content on cryptocurrency, income tax filing, NFTs & mutual funds, etc. You can check her account- @anushkarathod98 for more!

Sayali Rai & Nayati Thaker:

With their Instagram page @fincocktail, their profile covers information on personal finances, investments, stock exchanges, etc. If you are looking at making the right investment decisions, based on the ups and downs of the market. Then do check them out!

Raj Shamani:

He is the founder of Shamani Industries and his Instagram account has over 1 million followers. His account provides information on personal finances, stocks & crypto investments. Apart from that, he’s also known for providing tips on improving oneself personally on Twitter.

Pranjal Kamra:

Pranjal Kamra is another entrepreneur whose content on Instagram revolves around updates regarding finance and commerce. Through reels, he describes what’s trending in the world of business & commerce. Moreover, if you are looking to make the right investment decision, do have a look at his profile!

Anamika Rana:

Here’s another chartered accountant who has turned to content creation! On @ca_anamikarana, she makes entertaining and informational reels on finance, business, and personal financing. She also gravitates toward spirituality. So, if her interests match yours, then check her out!

Shreyaa Kapoor:

Shreyaa Kapoor is a former management consultant. Then @shreyaakapoor_ quit her job and has now switched to content creation. Mostly, her content revolves around personal investments, finance, stock markets, etc.

To conclude

These finance influencers make sure that you understand the nitty-gritty of finance, mutual funds, cryptocurrency, NFTs, etc. They provide this seemingly complex information, with infographic posts and reels.

Additionally, some of them also provide tips on business and personal growth. They have got you covered in every aspect. So that you can be the best version of yourselves!