Top 10 Best Skincare Influencers in India to Follow Instantly

Top 10 Best Skincare Influencers in India to Follow Instantly

Youtube has seen an emergence of various types of creators on the platform. One such niche that has gained prominence is beauty and skincare.

Of course, everyone seeks to look their best these days. Additionally, the rise of beauty and skincare bloggers has made several others not just experiment with different looks. It has also played a role in taking skincare seriously.

Importance of Beauty and Skincare Influencers

Apart from experimenting with different looks, skincare influencers cater to the following:

  • Provide makeup-related tutorials to get the right look for yourself.
  • Help you get ready for a special occasion- this can be the right look for an upcoming wedding or getting ready for festivals like Diwali or Eid.
  • Introducing the right kind of skincare products will help reduce blemishes such as acne and dark circles or provide tips on different skin types.
  • Skincare and beauty influencers also take up paid promotions for brands and recommend the brand’s products to their viewers. Or they may review their products and services through their vlogs.
  • In addition to skincare-related tips, beauty and skincare bloggers also give an insight into their lives. Therefore, you may also see them dabble in travel & adventure, or acting in short sketches.

Now that we know the areas to which a beauty and skincare influencer or blogger caters.

Let’s look at India’s best skincare influencers in India:

  • Shruti Arjun Anand:

Amongst all the influencers creating content in this niche, she is one of the oldest and the most famous creator. She has been creating content since 2010. Currently, her channel has over 9 million subscribers. Apart from fashion, beauty, hairstyle, and make-up, her channel also brings entertainment-based content that aims to break the taboo in society.

  • Debasree Banerjee:

Debasree has over 2 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel and over 3 lakh subscribers on her Instagram handle. She is known for experimenting with different looks, providing make-up- tutorials, and honest product reviews. After years of testing various products, she launched her product called ‘D/Fine’. It is a cream formula that controls pigmentation and creates any look you wish to, without worrying about smudging or fallout.

Let’s Collaborate and Influence!

  • Shreya Jain:

Her channel description says: makeup, fashion DIY on your mind? Then you’re at the right place. Apart from beauty, skincare, and fashion, she also chronicles her daily life through vlogs on her channel.

  • Jovita George:

With over 7 lakh subscribers on her channel, she brings beauty and skin-care-related tutorials for dusky women. A former fashion stylist and model, she believes in breaking the regressive notions of fair skin, through her content.

  • Ankita Chaturvedi (YouTube channel: Corallista):

An IIT-graduate engineer turned beauty and makeup vlogger, Ankita has a YouTube channel and a blog ‘Corallista’. Through her channel and blogs, she creates content on beauty and skincare, aiming to instill a sense of positivity for women, across the globe.

  • Malvika Sitlani:

Malvika Sitlani has over 7 lakh subscribers on her channel. She creates make-up tutorials and vlogs based on her daily life. Also, she is known for developing an amazing connection with her audience.

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  • Aishwarya Kaushal:

Aishwarya’s channel has over a lakh subscribers. Her channel is known for giving honest reviews regarding various beauty and skincare products in the market.

  • Sejal Kumar:

Sejal Kumar is a popular face when it comes to fashion, beauty & make-up on YouTube. She has also dabbled into vlogging, acting, singing & dancing. Viewers love her channel for the variety of content!

  • Pretty Little Things:

This channel was started by two best friends Aakriti & Shaurya in 2016. Pretty Little Things is all about the recent make-up, beauty & skincare trends. Also, about vlogs, gossips & lots of fun. If this fascinates you, then do check out their channel!

  • Sonal Sagaraya:

Sonal is a beauty and lifestyle blogger. She creates videos wherein she’s experimenting with different looks, make-up, skincare, and product reviews, on YouTube.

To conclude

All these list of four YouTubers are not restricted to skincare. These YouTubers also dabble into beauty, make-up and fashion. Moreover, they also review various beauty and skin care products, so that their audiences can choose the right product.

Also, these bloggers provide an insight to their lives through life updates & travel vlogs. Through such videos, their fans get to see different versions of their favourite creators!