How Much Does Amit Bhadana Charge for One Instagram Post?

How Much Does Amit Bhadana Charge for One Instagram Post?

Jo Chiz Aap Kar Rahe Ho, Ya To Usko Bahut Ache Se Karo Ya Fir, Usko Touch Mat Karo Chahe Wo Koi Bhi Chiz Ho!- recalled these lines by our very own Amit Bhadana!

It is a doubtless fact Amit Bhadana has now turned out to be one of the most well-known and successful faces among top Indian comedians and Youtube content creators. The vine creator started his youtube channel in 2012 and he moved towards creating full videos in 2017- which shifted him from a regular vine creator on youtube to standing firm among the top comedians in India. 

Hailing from Delhi and carrying the inherent desi roots – Amit has his own unique style of tailoring his content. Indeed, the themes and content of his youtube videos revolve around the daily happenings of the audience inciting them to continuously watch his videos and relate to them in a sarcastic & healthy manner. 

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Without a doubt, Amit is now recognized as the most humble and loved public figure just other than being a successful YouTuber. Certainly, his enthusiastic and ever-growing following of millions is unsaid proof that he is trusted and admired by his fans. So, if you are one of the die-hard Amit Bhadana fans and want to know some crisp details about the vines’ creator- then this written piece is for you!

A Glimpse of Amit Bhadana Life

It is not that the Youtuber got everything like a bed of roses- he rather worked hard to earn what the world knows Amit Bhadana now. Initially, he is a law student and an alumnus of the University of Delhi and natively belongs to Uttar Pradesh however, currently resides in Delhi. 

Primarily, Amit Bhadana made some dubsmash videos for enjoyment purposes, however, later when he saw elevation on his videos- he enjoyed tailoring his content that replicates daily life events. Worth Mentioning, his primary video that got up attention in the social space was a reply video to Adele’s song- “Hello”. 

In addition, the other dub which went viral was Eminem which got him millions of likes and views. However, what is counted now is the hard work that pays off to him in handsome monetary terms and love from his admirers. Indeed, Amit Bhadana’s current Net Worth is around 40 crores. 

Amit Bhadana Wife, Girlfriend, Convincing Story, and Cast

Well! there are many questions about Amit Bhadana’s Wife and marriage- however, it is to confirm that he is unmarried yet. Also, his friend Riya Mavi who can be seen in his videos is rumored as his girlfriend. 

It has been an evident statement of Amit Bhadana in each public appearance that he had made so far- that his friends have been the greatest pillars of support to him. Primarily, the rough list of important people Amit Bhadana Cast for his Youtube Videos includes-

  • Chitranshi Dhyani
  • Rohit Sharma
  • Sachin Bhatia
  • Riya Mavi
  • Vikas Bainsala

Amit Badhana’s Cost for Instagram Post

The much-known comedian has a massive fan following of a count of 8.6M on his Instagram which has in turn elevated his brand value. The cost for Arjun Bijlani’s Instagram varies on which type of way you choose to collaborate with him. 

  • Instagram Reel: 2 to 3 Lacs
  • Instagram Story: 1 to 2 Lacs
  • Instagram Static: 2 – 4 Lacs
  • Instagram Carousel: 3 – 5 Lacs

Brand Collaborations with Amit Bhadana

It is a known fact that the major portion of Amit Bhadana’s income is the earnings from his Youtube channel. Additionally, the paid collaborations and promotions on his Instagram and Youtube count as an enhancement in his total earnings. Even, in 2020 he was entitled as the Brand ambassador of the Mobile Premier League. 

Brands like Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Honda, and Nestle have connected with the comedy star for their promotional means which have given them huge returns. Thus, it is much-definite that it is a steal deal for brands to collaborate with Amit Bhadana because of the admiration and faith the audience has in him.

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