Idiotic Media | Top Travel YouTubers: Top 10 Travel YouTube Channels to Follow in India 2024

Top Travel YouTubers: Top 10 Travel YouTube Channels to Follow in India 2024

Traveling is an amazing way to find peace and happiness in exploring nature. It brings people together through shared experiences, transcending any differences. While the world faces growing chaos, some have chosen to break free from the monotony of everyday life. These travelers document their journeys, sharing their thoughts and feelings to inspire others to seek true happiness. Below is the list of Top Travel YouTubers to elevate your Travel game

Majrooh Sultanpuri captured this spirit beautifully when he wrote:

“I walked alone towards my destination,

But people kept joining me and a caravan formed.”

These words truly embody the essence of travelers, where bonds are formed through shared experiences rather than divisions. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of travel YouTubers who have dedicated their lives to exploring and sharing their adventures. Their captivating content encourages audiences to embark on their own journeys and discover the beauty of the world.

Who are Travel YouTubers

Travel YouTubers are leaders in their field, exploring destinations fueled by their passion and sharing their adventures with viewers through captivating visuals.

They play a significant role in inspiring a broader audience to travel and experience the world. Collaborating with brands and promoting sustainable practices, they strive to make travel accessible to all while also preserving the health of the planet.

Just as Shakespeare said, “The eyes are the windows to your soul,” the videos produced by top travel YouTube channels tap into the emotions and desires of viewers, igniting their passion for travel.

By reducing the perceived distance between viewers and destinations, these travel YouTubers make travel seem more achievable and enticing. Let’s explore the different types of travel YouTubers to better understand their impact.

Best 10 Travel YouTubers in India to Follow in 2024

1- Sujith Bhakthan

Sujith Bhakthan is a popular travel YouTuber known for his content on travel and food. He started his YouTube journey in 2016 with a video about Bannerghatta National Park, Bengaluru, which marked the beginning of Kerala’s top YouTube channel.

Sujith has traveled extensively to countries like Uzbekistan, Turkey, Georgia, Macau, Singapore, Russia, the U.K., Ireland, and many countries in Southeast Asia. His vlogs cover a range of topics including food, restaurants, travel guides, tips, and travel hacks.

With over 2.15 million subscribers, Sujith’s channel, Tech Travel Eat, receives an average of 327,457 views daily, with his most-watched video garnering 4.5 million views alone. Loved by his subscribers, Sujith’s cheerful videos explore the culture, food, and experiences of the places he visits. He reviews everything in detail, helping his subscribers make informed travel choices.

Recently, Sujith collaborated with Au Revoir Wellness Resort in Palakkad, and the video received 284k views in just 3 days.

2- Harish Bali

Harish Bali is a prominent travel YouTuber who has a passion for exploring destinations and trying out different cuisines. He began his YouTube journey in 2017 to share his travel and food experiences, posting a new video every Sunday.

Harish mainly focuses on exploring cities in India, providing detailed coverage in his videos. He delves into local street foods and visits famous temples and unique places like coal mines in Chhattisgarh and Undavalli caves in Andhra Pradesh, making his channel, Visa2explore, stand out.

With over 115K subscribers, Visa2explore receives an average of 215,510 views daily. Harish’s most popular video, showcasing Delhi’s Chor Bazar and its affordable prices for shoes, watches, and other items, has garnered 17 million views. He aims to be a reference point for his subscribers when making travel decisions.

3- Deepanshu Sangwan

In February 2017, Deepanshu Sangwan made a bold decision to leave behind his preparations for SSC and CAT exams and pursue his passion for travel. He started his YouTube journey with the channel “Nomadic Indian,” documenting his decision to embark on a life of exploration. Since then, he has visited 12 countries, including China, Afghanistan, Singapore, and his recent exploration of Australia.

With 1.67 million subscribers, Nomadic Indian’s YouTube channel receives an average of 95,387 views daily. Deepanshu’s most popular video, showcasing how Indians live near the China border, has amassed around 7.7 million views. His videos are lively and filled with interactions with people from around the world, offering subscribers insights into his diverse experiences. Deepanshu’s mantra, “Good time will never come until you make it good time,” reflects his positive outlook on life and travel.

4- Varun Vagish

Varun Vagish, the force behind one of India’s best travel YouTube channels, is driven by his passion for exploration and connecting with people. Through his channel, he aims to inspire others to discover the world and contribute to making it a better place to live. His efforts have earned him recognition, including the prestigious National Tourism Award from the Government of India.

With 1.58 million subscribers, Varun’s Mountain Trekker YouTube channel receives an average of 35,290 views daily. His most popular video, “How Thai Police Treats Indians?”, has amassed 3 million views. Varun creates content in Hindi, catering to Hindi-speaking audiences, and shares budget-friendly travel tips and tricks with his vibrant personality.

Varun’s recent collaboration with Ethiopian Airlines, resulting in a video garnering 122,487 views, highlights his knack for securing luxury accommodations for free. His channel exemplifies dedication to making travel accessible and enjoyable for all, bolstered by partnerships with the best influencer marketing agency in the industry.

5- Bhuvani Dharan

Bhuvani Dharan is a prominent travel YouTuber in India known for his solo adventures, trekking, and vlogging. He travels to immerse himself in different cultures, destinations, and nature, with his YouTube journey starting with a budget trip to Kullu Manali.

Operating in Tamil, Bhuvani Dharan’s YouTube channel, Tamil Trekker, boasts 1.42 million subscribers and an average daily view count of 275,969. His most popular video, documenting a hunting expedition in Africa, has amassed an impressive 3.1 million views. Bhuvani’s videos reflect his lively personality and effectively capture the essence of his travel experiences, captivating his audience and transporting them into his world.

6- Tanya Khanijow

Tanya Khanijow, a solo traveler and self-proclaimed travel filmmaker, shares her adventurous journeys through her YouTube channel. Growing up in a military family accustomed her to frequent travel, shaping her passion for exploration.

With 1.59 million subscribers, Tanya’s channel garners an average of 160,707 daily views. In a “Josh Talks” episode, she discusses her YouTube journey and how it transformed her life financially. Leaving her job to pursue digital nomadism wasn’t easy; she meticulously planned by saving a specific amount before taking the leap.

Recently, Tanya collaborated with the Abu Dhabi tourism board, showcasing the beauty of islands, mangroves, fossil dunes, and beaches. Her videos inspire viewers to embrace adventure and live life to the fullest.

7- Shubham Gupta

If you’re seeking to feel the essence of a traveler’s journey, look no further than Shubham Gupta’s “Distance Between” YouTube channel. Renowned for its comprehensive travel insights, Distance Between is your go-to guide for exploring the world.

With approximately 1.17 million subscribers, Shubham Gupta’s channel attracts an average of 170,593 daily views. He embarked on his YouTube journey with a video detailing the complete tour information on how to reach Thailand, setting the tone for his informative content.

Distance Between covers everything from travel itineraries and budget trips to visa processes, encapsulating themes of love, humanity, peace, pride, and food and make his the best travel youtube channel. Shubham passionately shares insights into various destinations in India and around the globe, providing invaluable advice on tour plans, travel costs, customs, and essential information to empower viewers to make informed travel decisions.

8- Navankur Chaudhary

When it comes to top travel YouTubers in India, Yatri Doctor, led by Navankur Chaudhary, is a name that stands out. Despite being a doctor, Navankur followed his passion for travel in 2017, driven by his belief that life is short and meant for exploring every corner of the world. His travels have taken him to countries like Finland, Prague, Hungary, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

Yatri Doctor’s YouTube channel boasts 120k subscribers, with an average of 92,776 daily views. His most popular video, documenting his bullet train journey from Tokyo to Osaka, has garnered an impressive 5.9 million views. Navankur creates content primarily for Hindi-speaking audiences, sharing his first impressions of the places he visits and delving into local adventures and activities.

9- Ridergirl Vishakha

Vishakha Fulsunge, also known as RiderGirl Vishakha, is India’s pioneering female motovlogger and a renowned travel YouTuber. She’s celebrated for her thrilling videos that evoke an adrenaline rush in viewers. Riding her motorcycle, she explores various destinations alongside fellow YouTube travel vloggers.

Vishakha’s influence extends beyond her videos; she’s invited to speaking events where she shares insights on breaking barriers and pursuing passions fearlessly, especially for female riders.

Currently, she’s embarked on a solo journey from Mumbai to Nepal, captivating her audience with massive responses, including one video with a staggering 223K likes. In her blog posts, she candidly shares her struggles and motivations, inspiring herself and others to persevere with courage and determination.

With an authentic and bold approach, Vishakha boasts a fan following of 1.09 million subscribers on YouTube, with an average of 124K views per video.

10- Ankit Bhatia

Ankit Bhatia is a prominent travel YouTuber in India, driven by a deep passion for exploration. Alongside travel content, he shares educational videos on video editing, product reviews, and follows the latest trends.

Recently, he’s been trekking through the Kashmir valley, uncovering offbeat destinations. Ankit’s attention to detail and ability to capture breathtaking views have earned him recognition as one of India’s top YouTubers. With 871K followers and an average of 934K views on YouTube, his hard work as a travel vlogger is clearly paying off.