Idiotic Media | Top Prank Youtubers in India to Follow in 2024

Top Prank Youtubers in India to Follow in 2024

We’ve all pranked friends and family members at some point in our lives, whether it’s an elaborate setup or simply sneaking up and shouting “Boo!” We can’t deny that pranks are enjoyable. These Top Prank Youtubers show how the spirit of laughter triumphs all!

Top prank YouTubers in India take pranking to the next level. They perform group pranks, social experiments, pranks on strangers, and pranks on their own family and friends. Their goal is to make their viewers laugh until they cry and build a strong connection with their audience.

These pranksters also collaborate with brands to help achieve marketing goals like lead generation and brand awareness. They promote products on their prank channels, through meme marketing agency leveraging their influence to reach a wider audience.

Who are Prank Youtubers

Prank YouTubers, or pranksters, are individuals or groups who create content focused on harmless and funny pranks, targeting friends, family, or even strangers.

Top pranksters in India also perform pranks as social experiments, addressing taboo topics in Indian society like homosexuality and public displays of affection, in addition to their comedic content.

Here are the top prank YouTubers in India that you should follow to enjoy the latest pranks.

1- Funk You

Funk You is a popular prank channel run by a group of individuals, boasting 25.3 lakh subscribers on YouTube. They are known for some of the best pranks on the platform. The channel often tackles social issues, especially those related to women, to raise awareness. Additionally, they feature wild challenges like the Spicy Green Chili Eating Challenge and the Garam Chai Challenge.

2- Pahadi PrankBaaz

PrankBaaz, with 1.08 lakh subscribers, offers some of the best Hindi prank videos on YouTube. The channel features social experiments like “Sanitary Pad: Is It Shameful?” and “Breast Cancer Awareness.” They also showcase wild pranks such as “Ghost Hand Ripping Off Man’s Heart” and “Men Will Be Men,” among many others.

3- TroubleSeekerTeam

Trouble Seeker Team, a popular funny pranks channel on YouTube, started in May 2010 and has 17.6 lakh subscribers. They are known for their wild public pranks, including “Bhag Kar Shaadi Kar Lo,” which boosted their views. The channel has also featured Bollywood celebrities like Anil Kapoor.

4- AVRprankTV

AVRprankTV, hosted by Vinay Thakur, is known for some of the best pranks on YouTube and has 70 lakh subscribers. Vinay describes his channel as a “brothers’ channel” and stages hilarious public pranks like “Swapping Clothes in Public,” “Drunk Man Prank,” “Shopping in a Bathrobe,” and many more.

5- Love Rudraksh Solanki

This channel, hosted by Rudrakash Solanki, has 13.4 lakh subscribers and features insane pranks like “Live Snake Prank” and “Truth and Dare Pranks.” You can also find daily vlogs, reaction videos, and parodies on this channel.

6- YTV Network 

YTV Network with 2.07 lakh subscribers, founded by Naman Sharma under Uth Time Integrated Media Labs Pvt. Ltd., releases a new video each week. The channel features live gaming, pranks, social experiments, spoofs, and sketches. Popular videos include “What Guys Should Do to Drunk Girls” and “I Am a Lesbian Prank on Mom.”

7- Baap of Bakchodi

Baap of Bakchod, one of India’s top pranksters with 31.5 lakh subscribers, is known for some of the best prank videos on YouTube. Popular videos include the “Dirty Mind Test” series, “Beggar Prank,” “Farting on Girls Prank,” and many other hilarious pranks.

8- The Crazy Sumit 

Hosted by Sumit Aryan with 6.35 lakh subscribers this prank channel was launched 5 years ago and has amassed 25 million channel views. It features not only the craziest pranks but also thought-provoking social experiments.

9- The Teen Trolls

The Teen Trolls with 1.19 lakh subscribers is a prank channel featuring three guys sharing stories. With a focus on daily vlogs, travel diaries, and social pranks, their most famous prank is the “Farting Prank.”

10- Kulfi

Kulfi with followers count of 7.11 lakh subscribers is the best prank man in the world hosted by Verithanam and VJ Siva, entirely in Tamil language. Despite starting less than a year ago, Kulfi has already garnered 20 million channel views from just 15 videos. Their most popular prank is the “Bike Stealing Prank.