Top Political Influencers on Instagram you need to follow!

Top Political Influencers on Instagram you need to follow!

Campaigning and rallies were limited to the streets, and jingles were repeated, memorized, and hummed. Notice the “were”. Now it’s all about gaining a social media presence via top-rated influencing skills, getting a virtual audience, being a celebrated political influencer, and gaining support in the binary world.  

Politics, social media, and voters were a dangerous concoction in the olden days, lucky for us they significantly developed and gave us information free of yellow journalism.

Dominance over facts and figures, twisting of vital information, and hidden facts were the gimmicks of politics in the real world, thanks to social media we have the liberty to examine and analyze information and form our own opinion on matters of utmost importance.

Let’s explore the Top Political Influencers In India

1. Narendra Modi

Need I give an introduction to the Prime Minister Of India and a prominent social media sensation? His Twitter game is stronger than most of the gen z. His viewpoints are powerful thus making him a strong orator on all social media platforms

2. Shivraj Singh Chouhan

The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and the chief of tweets, he can be seen documenting his thoughts and sharing them fearlessly with the world. His ideas and unique perspective make him a top political influencer on Instagram.

3. Rajnath Singh

The Defence Minister of India is extremely vocal on Facebook, he continues to educate the audience on matters of national protection. Extremely informative posts make his Instagram handle a big hit, his audience seems to enjoy learning about his domain and area of work, and that extra respect for his line of work makes him particularly popular amongst his followers.

4. Amit Shah

Minister of Home Affairs of India shelters voices and opinions and carefully advocates on the same via Instagram. His caricatures and cartoon are appreciated in the digital*political world. He is the pioneer of a successful political comic strip that is enjoyed and celebrated among many as a symbol of infotainment.

5. Ravi Gaikwad

An ICS officer, a wonderful orator, and an influencer. He is also a Guinness World Book record holder in the sports arena! One can only imagine the level of his game, both real and virtual! His Instagram posts never fail to motivate his audience, considering his interest in sports he is able to juggle between different fields of influencing all at the same time.

6. Ravi Kishan

Amidst broadcasting his charm on the big screen he enjoys putting forth his political opinions as a member of the Lok Sabha in Gorakhpur. Due to his large fan base and dedicated audience, he actively projects his thoughts to his followers, thus making him one of the best political influencers. His background in the film industry also backs his standing as an influencer

7. Piyush Goyal

The Cabinet Minister of India is known for taking an active part in social media campaigns and drives, with a large audience he never fails to engage. His area of expertise lies in the political sector and that is precisely the knowledge he delivers. His intricate and in-depth knowledge gives him an influential edge.

8. Ashok Gehlot

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan has a significant audience on Instagram, he manages to post lucrative content for his followers and is also regular in doing so. With a sound knowledge of Instagram, he ensures the quality of his posts is top-notch. The frequency of his posts keeps his audience interested.

9. Arvind Kejriwal

The Chief Minister of Delhi and the convener of the AAM Aadmi Party. He has a strong social media presence and a powerful persona. With wit and wordy talent, he sure captivates his followers into understanding his viewpoints. His upbeat and quirky nature plays a vital role in his social persona.