Idiotic Media | Top Meme Influencers to Follow in 2024

Top Meme Influencers to Follow in 2024

Memes are like shortcuts for ideas. They take a thought and package it in a way that’s easy for everyone to get. They’re short, and catchy, and they make us laugh. Memes are like little cultural bombs that spread quickly because they’re so easy to understand and share. These Top Meme Influencers will have you ROFL

When you post a meme, you’re not just sharing a funny picture – you’re sharing a piece of culture that people can instantly relate to. That’s why memes are so popular, especially with younger folks. Millennials and Gen-Zers spend a lot of time online, and memes are a big part of that.

What is Meme Marketing

Meme marketing is the use of memes to promote your brand narrative. It’s a fun, low-effort way to connect with your audience and increase your engagement rate, as memes are highly shareable. A quick background on memes – they’re concepts, behaviours, or ideas that spread on the internet.

List of Top Meme Influencers on Instagram

1- Ankur Raghav

Ankur Raghav, the person who runs the famous meme page Naughty World, is more than just someone who posts funny stuff online. He’s the mastermind behind a page that makes people laugh and shares cool news and facts.

Ankur didn’t just start Naughty World to get famous. He wanted to spread happiness and make people’s lives more enjoyable with fun content.

Following Naughty World isn’t just about getting a good laugh. It’s also a way to stay updated on interesting stuff and discover new, exciting content.

2- Sumit Soni

“Meet Sumit Soni, the creative mind behind the popular meme page called ‘Ghantaa.’ With a whopping 8.7 million followers on Instagram, Ghantaa isn’t just about making people laugh; it’s also a hub of information.

Sumit, the creator, has cleverly mixed updates and humor on this page. Along with providing entertainment, Ghantaa keeps its followers informed and engaged by sharing the latest fashion trends, Bollywood gossip, cricket highlights, and more.

This page has a huge following, and it’s not just about having fun. It’s a community where people come together to share their love for humor and positivity. ‘Ghantaa’ gives you the chance to join its 8.1 million users and enjoy your daily dose of laughter.”

3- Rohit Goel

“Meet Rohit Goyal, the creator of The Adult Society, a meme page that’s become a favorite spot for humor and more. This Instagram page doesn’t just entertain; it also keeps people updated.

The Adult Society is a popular online destination offering a mix of content, from the latest news to interesting life facts, Bollywood and cricket updates, and funny posts. Rohit has turned it into a go-to place for both staying informed and having a good laugh. With six million followers, it’s the perfect combo of fun and info.”

4- Mahesh Keshwala

“Meet Mahesh Keshwala, popularly known as Thugesh, with 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 5.31 million subscribers on YouTube. He’s famous for his funny videos and roasts, and he’s also an actor and model.

Thugesh runs four YouTube channels – Thugesh, Thugesh Unfiltered, Asli Thugesh, and Thugesh Shorts. His content has attracted a huge audience, with over 11 million subscribers combined.

For a mix of humor, wisdom, and entertainment, Thugesh is the go-to YouTuber. With his diverse content, he’s gained a large fanbase, bringing laughter to millions of viewers consistently.”

5- Apoorv Sood

“Meet Apoorv Sood, the person behind the famous meme account Trendulkar, making a splash on X. With 20.1 K followers, Trendulkar is where you find hilarious cricket memes and the latest trends. Apoorv, known for his Sachin Tendulkar spoofs, has turned his page into a hub of fun.

If you love cricket and a good laugh, Trendulkar is the place for you. Apoorv’s cricket memes hit the mark and keep you updated on what’s happening in the cricket world. Follow his account and join the fun in the cricket community!”

Final Words

Indian meme influencers are a bunch of creators who put in a lot of effort to bring smiles to millions. Their content is like therapy, making us laugh whenever we need it. From Ankur Raghav’s Naughty World to Apoorv Sood’s Trendulkar, these creators are not just funny but also informative. They guarantee us a good time with their creativity.

So, without wasting any time, follow them and let their humor brighten up your days.

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