Idiotic Media | Top Gujarati Influencers to Follow in 2024

Top Gujarati Influencers to Follow in 2024

When exploring a new or unfamiliar place, we often seek advice from locals, right? They know the area well. The same goes for brands looking to establish a presence in a specific region. If you want to connect with the local audience in Gujarat, local Gujarati influencers can provide you with valuable insights and community access. Statistics show that 37% of people trust influencers more than brand information. In this blog, we’ll explore local influencer marketing, its importance, and introduce the Top Gujrati influencers who can enhance your branding efforts.

What is Local Influencer Marketing

Local influencer marketing is a strategy where brands collaborate with influencers in specific regions to promote their products or services. These influencers have a loyal local following, which can help brands build trust, increase awareness in their target markets, showcase their offerings, understand what resonates with the local audience, and establish authentic connections. Social media platforms like Instagram have introduced a ‘paid partnerships’ label to indicate sponsored content, making influencer marketing more transparent to the audience.

Top Gujarati Influencers to Collaborate With for Branding

1) RJ Princy Parikh

Meet @princymirchilove, a vibrant Gujarati influencer! With 1.3 million followers and 304 posts, she is a RJ, comedian, and content creator. Princy’s feed is a blend of funny skits, social commentary, and glimpses into her life and family.

One standout post? A hilarious video about the Indian Premier League, where she hosted—an absolute hit! Princy’s content is all about keeping it light-hearted and funny. She’s not just an influencer; she’s a personality that resonates with a diverse audience. If you’re a local Gujarati brand looking to connect with a wide fan base, Princy might just be your go-to choice!

2) Tarnnum Shaikh

Tarnnum Shaikh is a well-known influencer and video creator in Vadodara, boasting an impressive 947k followers. Her content covers a wide range of topics including sports, arts, entertainment, beauty, and fashion. Tarnnum’s unique charm is evident in her sweet, calm, and cute speaking style. She often collaborates with talented makeup artists and in one post, she shines in bridal attire and makeup, posing with fellow influencers.

Local Gujarati brands specializing in jewelry, beauty, and fashion have a great opportunity to partner with Tarnnum. Collaborating with her can help these brands increase awareness and connect with the local audience. Being featured in her content can give brands the exposure they need.

3) Paru and Guru

Meet one of the coolest Gujarati influencer couples from Surat, @paru_n_guru, with 506k followers! They gained popularity by creating funny couple videos during the lockdown and have become the go-to influencers in Surat and its surroundings. Their feed showcases them being invited to resorts, cafes, and even mobile showrooms to endorse various products. One of their posts hilariously promotes the jewellery brand ‘Tia Silver.’

If you’re a local brand in Surat dealing in jewellery, hospitality, or FMCG, collaborating with Parul and Yogesh can help you connect with the local audience and make your brand the talk of the town!

4) Rajvee Gandhi

Meet @rxjvee, a Mumbai-born Gujarati influencer in the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty world. With 1.2 million followers, her influence is far-reaching. Recently, she delighted her followers with a mesmerizing reel featuring the vibrant textiles of Gujarat. She showcased different outfits with intricate embroidery, sparking overwhelming responses from her audience. People expressed their love for the reel and eagerly requested more content from different states. This enthusiastic feedback highlights the strong connection Rajvee has with her audience, appreciating both her content and unique style. Her feed is a delightful mix of well-lit photos and engaging videos, showcasing her versatile talent.

5) Vishwa Joshi

Meet @the.other.vishwaa, a comedic influencer and actor from Vadodara, Gujarat, with 173K followers. She creates relatable Gujarati content and occasionally adds Hindi content, giving glimpses into her personal life.

Besides her comedic content, Vishwa has appeared in two Gujarati movies alongside the renowned actor Malhar Thakar, showcasing her influence. In collaboration with the Livon brand, she spreads a powerful message about embracing natural beauty without relying on makeup, encouraging everyone to be comfortable just as they are.

6) Om Patil

Meet @vadodrazfoodie, a food influencer from Vadodara with 61.4K followers. He explores the vibrant street food scene and upscale cafes in Vadodara, sharing his experiences with his followers. During the World Cup final, Om took his followers on a journey to places with live screenings, showcasing delicious food and drinks. This reel garnered a whopping 79.4K views, much to the delight of his followers. If you’re a hospitality brand in Vadodara, whether a café or a cosy hotel, collaborating with Om could be a game-changer. His content resonates with local food enthusiasts, making him the perfect partner to showcase what your establishment has to offer.

7) Poonam Bhatt

Meet a multi-talented influencer from Ahmedabad, with a fantastic following of 67.9K. @poonambhatt0007 your go-to guide for the latest in Ahmedabad’s property market, showcasing new listings in prime areas like SG Highway, Godrej Garden City, and Sindhu Bhavan. But that’s not all! She’s not just about real estate – she also brings the best sales, showrooms, and lifestyle brands from Ahmedabad directly to her followers.

To Conclude

Whether you’re a local business or a multinational company looking to establish a brand presence in a specific region of Gujarat, local influencer marketing is your golden ticket to connect with your ideal audience. To tap into the local vibe, start by building a social media presence. Create accounts and share top-notch content that resonates with your local audience. As your presence grows, you’ll naturally attract more local influencers.

At Idiotic Media, we’re your go-to influencer marketing agency in Gujarat. We specialize in reaching local audiences and partner with community managers who are native speakers. Rest assured, your content will speak directly to your target audience.