Idiotic Media | Top Fitness Influencers in India to Follow in 2024

Top Fitness Influencers in India to Follow in 2024

The list of Top Fitness Influencers aims to help fitness brands connect with the right Indian fitness influencers for their marketing campaigns. Many admire the dream of being fit, but only a few achieve it. It takes determination, patience, dedication, and motivation to get those chiseled abs and toned muscles.

According to a report by the World Health Organization, more than 80% of adolescents and 27% of adults don’t meet the recommended level of physical activity. In a world where these numbers paint a worrying picture of global physical health, fitness influencers stand out. They use platforms like Instagram to share fitness routines, exercises, diets, and more to inspire people to get active.

Before diving into discussing them, let’s understand who fitness influencers really are.

Who are Fitness Influencers

Fitness influencers serve as key opinion leaders in the fitness niche, using their personal experiences and routines to guide their followers toward physical fitness.

Fitness embodies determination, courage, grit, morals, and ethics, forming a vital aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Activities like running, gym workouts, cardio, and various exercises contribute to both mental and physical well-being. During challenging times, fitness influencers motivate their followers, offering guidance on maintaining a healthy routine, achieving a good physique, and staying motivated.

In India, fitness influencers have garnered widespread popularity for their advice, recommendations, and daily routines. They actively share insights on best practices, dietary tips, and proper exercise techniques with their followers.

List of Top Indian Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Idiotic Media, the influencer marketing agency in India, has compiled a list of top Indian Fitness Instagram Influencers to assist brands in connecting with the most suitable influencers.

1- Sahil Khan

Sahil Khan is hailed as India’s Youth and Fitness icon. He’s not only a popular fitness influencer on Instagram but also a renowned movie star and fitness entrepreneur. Known for his roles in films like Style and Excuse Me, Sahil Khan has collaborated with brands such as @myfitness, @usadivinenutrition, @thelionbook247, and @nowyouknowclothing.

With a passion for fitness and a love for travel, Sahil Khan shares his journey through various events and destinations on his Instagram handle. From Olympia to Africa, from Las Vegas to Malibu, he documents his fitness adventures and gym routines, captivating his followers worldwide.

Sahil Khan’s dedication to bodybuilding is evident throughout his career. He prioritizes fitness, maintaining a remarkable fat to muscle ratio of less than 10%, a feat admired by fellow gym enthusiasts.

Beyond his acting and fitness endeavors, Sahil Khan is also an entrepreneur. He has invested in several gym and fitness brands, including Muscle and Beach, which boasts India’s first open-air gym in Goa. Additionally, Sahil Khan holds a Guinness World Record for breaking 525 kg of concrete blocks with a single strike of a hammer.

2- Prince Yuvika Narula

Prince Yuvika Narula, known primarily as an actor, gained popularity as a renowned fitness Instagrammer through shows like Roadies and Splitsvilla. His television appearances include Nach Baliye 9, Roadies X2, Splitsvilla 8, and Bigg Boss 9, as well as acting in Badho Bahu. Notably, he achieved a rare feat in 2015 by winning Roadies X2, MTV Splitsvilla 8, and Bigg Boss 9 in the same year.

Active across various social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, Prince Yuvika Narula looks up to idols like Akshay Kumar and Ranvijay Singh. He found love on the sets of Bigg Boss 9 and is happily married to Yuvika Chaudhary.

Originally from Chandigarh, Prince gained fame in 2014 as the 2nd runner-up in PTC Punjabi’s Mr. Punjab competition. Presently, he’s not only a fitness Instagrammer but also a host and gang leader on Roadies. Additionally, he’s featured in numerous music videos such as “Hello Hello,” “Zero Figure Tera,” “Burnout,” and “Jai Veeru,” among others.

Prince Yuvika Narula has collaborated with various brands through paid partnerships, including Spotify India and Apollo Tyres. He curates playlists on his Instagram handle, covering topics like business and highlights of his career.

3- Bani J

Bani J, also known as Gurbani Judge, describes herself as a storyteller and collector of ink, embodying a student of life. She’s celebrated as one of the top female fitness influencers on Instagram and actively engages with her audience on platforms like Twitter and YouTube. Bani J’s dedication to fitness serves as an inspiration, especially for girls aiming to break societal norms.

Her journey began with MTV Roadies 4, leading to appearances on shows like MTV Roadies 5, Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 4, and others. She’s ventured into acting with films like Thikka and Aap Ka Suroor – The Real Love Story, and notably starred in Amazon Prime’s “Four More Shots Please.”

Originating from Chandigarh, Bani J is a vocal promoter of nutrition brands such as Myprotein and fitness app Mobiefit BODY, offering valuable suggestions to her followers. She’s also been featured in music videos like “Tera Yaar” and “Miss Judged,” showcasing her diverse talents.

Aside from her fitness endeavors, Bani J is a dog lover and frequently shares videos with her furry companion. She also hosts a podcast called “Bare by Bani J,” where she shares insights on fitness and lifestyle, reflecting her passion for inked tattoos with over 15 tattoos adorning her body.

4- Yasmin Karachiwala

Bani J, also known as Gurbani Judge, is a leading female fitness influencer on Instagram. Originating from Chandigarh, she gained fame on MTV Roadies 4 and has since appeared on various TV shows and in films. Bani J promotes fitness brands like Myprotein and Mobiefit BODY and shares valuable advice with her followers. She’s also known for her love of tattoos, with over 15 inked on her body. Additionally, she hosts a podcast called “Bare by Bani J” and is a devoted dog lover.

5- Namrata Purohit

Namrata Purohit, a renowned fitness trainer and mindful movement practitioner, is one of the most popular fitness influencers. Based in Mumbai, she owns The Pilates Studio and has Instagram handles like @thepilatesstudiomumbai, @theearthcircle, and @equinereform. She’s also an author, entrepreneur, and founder, with her book “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit” gaining acclaim.

Namrata’s clientele includes a host of celebrities and sports personalities like Kangana Ranaut, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Varun Dhawan. She’s been the official fitness partner for events like “Femina Miss India” and “Miss Diva” in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Collaborating with brands like Adidas India and Dyson India, she’s won accolades such as the Elle Beauty Award in 2017. Starting Pilates after a life-changing accident at 16, Namrata now leads in Pilates training.

6- Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer Allahbadia is best known as an entrepreneur and co-founder of various platforms including Monk Entertainment, Level: Mind Body Sleep Journal, Big Brain Media, and The Ranveer Show. He’s created diverse highlights on his Instagram handle, covering topics from positivity to fitness to humor.

As a prominent fitness Instagrammer and media personality, Ranveer is widely recognized across different niches. His YouTube channel, Beer Biceps, enjoys considerable popularity. A lover of food, dogs, and travel, Ranveer’s journey took a turn when he chose engineering after schooling, diverging from his parents’ medical background. Unsatisfied with a corporate 9-to-5 job, he pursued entrepreneurship and established his social media presence while promoting his startup ventures.

7- Shweta Mehta

Shweta Mehta, a public figure, identifies herself as an actor, athlete, and entrepreneur. Best known for winning Roadies in 2017, she’s also the founder of Hope by TSM and widely regarded as one of the top women fitness influencers on Instagram. Her highlights on Instagram cover various aspects of her life, from achievements to personal growth to fun moments.

Endorsing brands like Neulife/Procel and Adidas, Shweta faced numerous challenges before finding her path. After trying different careers without finding satisfaction, her life took a turn when she participated in Roadies Rising, leading to a significant career shift. Despite facing a serious accident in July 2021, she persevered through recovery and emerged as a dedicated fitness influencer, actively engaging in gym workouts.

Originally from Haryana, Shweta has also ventured into music videos like “Chitta Suit” and participated in Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster (Season 2) as a representative of Team India.

8- Sonali Swami

Sonali Swami, an international athlete and Asian bronze medalist, is recognized for her outstanding achievements in sports. Her accolades include laurels from the Asian Championship in 2016 and recognition at events like Body Power India 2014 and Muscle Mania India 2014. She’s also showcased her talents on international TV reality shows like Spartan X and Mantri Otsav City as a dancer.

As a speaker, Sonali Swami has shared her insights at TEDx events. Her Instagram highlights reflect various aspects of her life, from fitness routines to personal stories to dance.

Despite being a mother of two and married since 1999, Sonali Swami remains dedicated to her fitness journey and often collaborates with brands like Tiger Balm India, Macho Global, and Adidas as a renowned fitness influencer. Known for her compassion toward animals and the environment, she’s regarded as one of the top women fitness influencers in India.

9- Shweta Pal

Shweta Pal, a digital creator in fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and travel, is the ambassador of Fit India and one of the top women fitness influencers on Instagram. Her highlights on Instagram cover a wide range of topics, including fitness, travel, and brand collaborations.

She’s collaborated with numerous brands for paid promotions, including Hyundai, Saffola, and Samsung. Shweta actively engages with her audience, sharing her routines, food habits, exercise tips, and relaxation techniques.

Shweta emphasizes the importance of consistency, patience, and determination in achieving fitness goals, rather than just focusing on exercise alone. Her resilience and focus on objectives have earned her the nickname “Iron Heads” among her followers.

10- Deanne Pandey

Deanne Pandey is a renowned fitness Instagrammer and beauty expert, who initially began her career as a model and has always been passionate about fitness. She gained recognition after featuring on the cover of Femina Magazine and undergoing fitness expert coaching in Australia. Deanne has released several fitness DVDs, one of which featured her alongside Bipasha Basu in a program titled “Unleash.”

Her humble and caring attitude has endeared her to her followers, creating a loving community around her. Deanne’s Instagram highlights cover various aspects of her life, including yoga, media appearances, and travel experiences.

She gained further fame with the release of her books “I Am Not Stressed” and “Shut Up and Train.” Deanne has trained numerous celebrities like Bipasha Basu, Salman Khan, and Lara Dutta, as well as models for Femina Miss India. Her dedication to fitness earned her the “Elle Fitness Expert Award.”

Starting as a personal trainer, Deanne later opened her own gym, hiring top fitness experts to provide services to clients. Her journey from model to training instructor showcases her commitment to promoting health and wellness.