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Top Apps Implementing Meme Marketing Strategies

Memes have spread over the internet like wildfire, grabbing the attention of millions of users all over the world. Businesses and companies have just begun to realise the potential of meme marketing as a potent tactic for connecting with their target audience and generating viral content. 

Popular Applications who uses Meme Marketing

Check out the best apps listed below that have effectively used meme marekting in their marketing campaigns to connect with users more deeply and increase brand awareness. 


Swiggy, a popular online food delivery platform, has embraced meme marketing to capture the attention of millennials and Gen Z consumers. Swiggy often creates and shares memes on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter and Instagram, to engage with its audience. These memes are often related to food cravings, late-night hunger pangs, or humorous situations that resonate with food enthusiasts. 

The meme shows a music mix-match technique of a swiggy delivery person and the customer. This type of meme strategy has immensely enhanced the brand name and popularity.


Ola, a leading ride-hailing platform, has also utilized meme marketing to increase brand visibility and engage with its users. Ola often shares memes and funny posts related to commuting, travel experiences, and daily life situations on its social media channels. By tapping into relatable scenarios and infusing them with humor, Ola manages to strike a chord with its target audience.

This meme uses a famous reaction from a movie, and the strategy shows the audience the new products and advancements OLA keeps launching. It is a creative way to convince people to look and try out OLA.


Tinder, a popular dating app, has embraced meme culture as a core part of its marketing strategy. The brand often incorporates memes and viral content into its social media campaigns and online advertisements. By using memes that reflect the dating and relationship experiences of its users, Tinder taps into shared experiences, emotions, and humor to establish a connection with its target audience. 

Meme tweeting is also used on Tinder. The brand has become more well-known thanks to these notes and tweets in the meme community. This is a modern way to put your opinion out and quite garners the audience.


OYO, a leading hospitality chain, often shares memes related to travel, hotel stays, and vacation experiences on its social media platforms. By leveraging humor and popular cultural references, OYO taps into the interests and preferences of its target audience, which primarily includes young travelers and adults. The brand’s meme marketing strategy helps create a sense of relatability, making OYO an approachable and fun brand. 

This is a funny meme correlating to an arranged marriage life and weekend plans. These memes are funny and relatable, attracting the audience to the brand.


Meme marketing has grown in popularity as a potent strategy for helping brands and companies connect with their target demographic, produce viral content, and increase brand awareness. The aforementioned applications have successfully used the power of memes to grab the attention of millions of people and create a considerable amount of online buzz by embracing the distinctive features of each platform. It is critical for brands to remain adaptable and embrace this dynamic style of marketing as memes continue to develop and rule the digital environment in order to stay relevant and engage with their audience in a more genuine and sympathetic way.