Top 7 Art Influencers on Instagram in India

Top 7 Art Influencers on Instagram in India

Do you why brands are finding the top 7 art influencers on Instagram in India? Well! whether it is about the trending art influencers on Instagram or just searching for influencers of other niches, these social stars are highly important.

For the reason to increase reach through the audiences’ idols and elevate brand awareness- these influencers hold a great mind manipulating power.

Moreover, spectators have the tendency to take a notice of all the recommendations or suggestions that these top Instagram influencers give to addresses. Have a look here at these top 7 art influencers on Instagram in India. 

Top 7 Art Influencers on Instagram in India

  1. Harun Robert

Do you remember M.A.D on Pogo TV & the show’s excellent host Rob who was so enthusiastic with the skills he presented? Indeed, Rob or Harun Robert is an active art influencer on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. Undoubtedly, his content creation game can surely take you to the nostalgic hits & then the time when you used to come home and eat food while watching M.A.D. 

  1. Chaitanya Limaye

An amazing illustrator, artist, animator, and cofounder of “RuandCha”- Chaitanya is just the right person with remarkable versatilities. Indeed, he is one of those great artists who can bring life to even the pictures that look creative but are dead in appearance. Certainly, he is such an outstanding man with a wonderful 8 years+ of experience who can woo people’s minds with his immense creative art.

  1. Neha Doodles

Neha Sharma or Neha Doodles is one of the well-established & popular cartoonists and art influencers on Instagram. Indeed, she is an excellent lifestyle content creator/influencer, cartoonist, and illustrator artist who’s just escalating high daily with her promising skills. Moreover, her obsession with playing with colors is just so commendable. 

  1. Alicia Souza

Alicia Souza is an incredible illustrator who draws & creates art for brands like Google, TVS, Infosys, Yahoo, Times of India, The Hindu, and much more in the lane. Certainly, the art which he delivers induces the viewers to zoom & stare at it for a little more while. 

  1. Kesh

For brands who are looking for the top & best art influencers on Instagram in India- Kesh is the appropriate choice. Without a doubt, his influence on the viewer’s mind is so deep that it can surely give the merchandise the right push it needs to grow in the niche community. Indeed, he is an enthusiastic filmmaker, illustrator, and educator. 

  1.  Vijaya Aswani

She is one of those greatest artists who know the gameplay right? Indeed, portraying art that effortlessly signified its native meaning whilst not losing hold of creativity & expression. Vijaya is such an excellent artist who can even display words that beautify art in their every alphabet. 

  1. Mamta Singh

Artist Mamta Singh is an immensely fantastic doodler, wall artist, and illustrator who has been winning & leading the peaks of creativity. Whether it is her in-born inspiration or some professionalism in this vertical- the way she carries & delivers is just imaginary.