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Top 10 Lifestyle Influencers in India

Have you noticed how lifestyle influencers are becoming popular on Indian social media? They share beautiful and inspiring content about their daily lives, like what they wear, how they take care of themselves, how they decorate their homes, and even the stunning places they travel to. This kind of content is perfect for platforms like Instagram.

Especially if you’re in the business of promoting a healthy lifestyle, India is a great market to focus on! Recent health statistics show that more and more Indians are interested in living healthier lives. Over 177.2 million people in India are spending on e-health services and devices. This means that India is one of the biggest markets for products and services that promote natural and healthy living. Partnering with Indian lifestyle influencers is a fantastic way to introduce these brands. It’s a situation where everyone benefits!

If you’re thinking about growing your lifestyle brand in India, don’t go anywhere! This article introduces you to the top lifestyle influencers in the country who can assist you in launching, gaining visibility, and boosting sales. Let’s dive in!

1- Jannat Zubair Rahmani

Jannat Zubair Rahmani is a leading lifestyle Instagrammer, and she’s also known for her roles as an actor, dancer, and digital creator. She began her career at a very young age, even during her childhood. Her dedication and hard work in both the entertainment industry and on social media platforms have earned her numerous awards and recognition. She was even featured on the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list for India. @Jannatzubair29 is indeed a notable figure in the Indian influencer and entertainment scene with a follower count of 47.2 million.

2- Prajakta Koli

Prajakta Koli is a prominent Indian lifestyle influencer who wears many hats. @mostlysane proudly calls herself the best lifestyle influencer on Instagram with a follower count of 7.9 million, and she’s also known as an artist, YouTuber, blogger, and digital creator. Additionally, Prajakta holds the distinguished title of Youth Climate Champion for the United Nations Development Program in India. She regularly shares her thoughts and creations on her website, mostly on the site.

On her Instagram profile, Prajakta Koli has organized highlights that offer insights into various aspects of her life. These highlights include Romance November, Mismatched S2, Jug Jug Jeeyo, Mismatched, Tokyo 2019, United Nations, Mumbai Meet & Greet, as well as visits to various cities like Seoul, London, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Geneva, Brussels, Paris, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Denver, New York, and more. She has a deep passion for travel and exploration.

3- Ahsaas Channa

Ahsaas Channa is widely recognized as one of the top Indian Lifestyle Influencers. @Ahsaassy_ describes herself as a lifestyle Instagrammer with a follower count of 3.6 million, she tends to go out of her way to please others. Ahsaas embarked on her career at a very young age. Her initial appearance was in the low-budget horror movie “Vaastu Shastra,” directed by Ram Gopal Verma.

Over the years, Ahsaas Channa has been part of numerous films, TV shows, and music videos. Some notable mentions include “My Friend Ganesha,” “Rukh,” “Phoonk 2,” “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna,” “CID,” “MTV Big F,” “Crime Patrol,” “Best of Luck Nikki,” “MTV Fannah,” and more. She gained significant recognition and popularity through her various web series.

Ahsaas Channa’s versatile career and presence in the entertainment industry have solidified her status as a prominent figure in Indian lifestyle influence.

4- Barkha Singh

Barkha Singh is recognized as one of the leading lifestyle influencers in India. This Indian influencer wears multiple hats, identifying herself as an actor, environmentalist, animal lover, and digital creator. As a lifestyle Instagrammer with a follower count of 3 million, @barkhasingh0308 offers a diverse range of content across various channels. Her content covers a wide spectrum including travel, lifestyle, nature, fashion, and overall well-being. With her multifaceted interests and roles, Barkha Singh stands out in the realm of lifestyle influence in India.

5- Diipa Buller Khosla

Diipa Büller-Khosla is a prominent lifestyle influencer and public figure. She’s not only known for her captivating Instagram presence but also as the founder of Indewild and Post for Change. Diipa is a remarkable example of a woman who embodies both beauty and intelligence. In addition to her influence in the lifestyle sphere, she also interned at the International Criminal Court, showcasing her legal perception.

On her Instagram profile with a follower count of 1.9 million, @diipakhosla has curated highlights that cover a wide range of topics including Covers, Cannes, Davos, Dua, Home, 2020’s Best, Journey, Best of 2019, Press, Indian Wedding, European Wedding, Chooda, bridal, haldi, and more. She stands out as one of the premier lifestyle influencers in India, and she’s also a successful entrepreneur.

Notably, Diipa Büller-Khosla made history by becoming the first Indian to collaborate with MAC cosmetics. She has also been the face of Maybelline, with her image featured on a billboard in Piccadilly Circus back in 2018. In addition to Instagram, she has a strong presence on various other social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube.

6- Masoom Minawala Mehta

Masoom Minawala Mehta is a notable figure in the world of lifestyle influencing, known also for her roles as a fashion creator, entrepreneur, and investor. Her achievements have earned her several prestigious awards, including the Lokmat award for ‘Most Stylish Blogger 2019’, ‘Best Content Creator for Social Samosas, 30 under 30, India’s Best Luxury Blogger, HSBC Women Entrepreneur of the Year, and more.

On her Instagram account with a follower count of 1.3 million, @masoomminawala has organized her content into highlights, showcasing various aspects of her life and career. These highlights cover events like Cannes 2023, PFW 22, MFW 22, Impact, Haute Couture, Cannes 2022, LFW, PFW, Mexico 2021, Budget Indian, Cannes 2021, Dior, Press, Louis Vuitton, Empower, Covid, Q&A, LV Vogue, and more.

Masoom Minawala Mehta holds the position of CEO at Fashion Portal and Style Fiesta. She has collaborated with numerous renowned brands including Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Hakkasan, Gucci, Estee Lauder, and many others in paid partnerships. Her influence in the fashion and lifestyle sphere is widely recognized and admired.

7- Aashna Shroff

Aashna Shroff stands out as one of the leading lifestyle influencers on Instagram with a follower count of one million. She proudly describes herself as a lifestyle Instagrammer and digital creator. Aashna’s influence spans different areas such as fashion, beauty, and everyday life.

On her Instagram profile, @aashnashroff has organized her content into highlights, giving her followers a glimpse into various aspects of her life. These highlights cover topics like Prada TH, DiorFallIn, PFW 2023, NYC Benefits, MFW 2023, Parosmia, Lisbon 2022, Shop Outfits, LA, Coachella, Your Art, LFW, Outfits, CAI x Aashna, My Hair, New Home, Recipes, Fam, London, TikTok, Makeup, and more.

Aashna Shroff is actively present on various social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. She has established partnerships with various brands for which she collaborates in paid promotions. Noteworthy names include Nykaa, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Estee Lauder, and others. Throughout her career, Aashna has been recognized and awarded for her influence as one of the best lifestyle influencers in India.

8- Mitali & Summiyya

Mitali and Summiyya are a dynamic pair of lifestyle Instagrammers. They proudly label themselves as fashion consultants and lifestyle influencers. Their goal is to bring a fresh perspective to the fashion and design scene not only in India but also on a global scale.

To expand their reach and interact more closely with their follower count of 494K, @houseofmisu has established a presence on various social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and more. Additionally, they have their website called ‘Houseofmisu‘.

Through their content and presence online, Mitali and Summiyya are making significant strides in reshaping the fashion and design landscape both in India and beyond.

9- Rij Eappen

Rij Eappen is a man of many talents, known as one of the top lifestyle influencers in India. He proudly calls himself a lifestyle Instagrammer and digital creator. His digital presence spans various areas like luxury lifestyle, fashion, automobiles, food, and beverage, as well as travel. Notably, he’s even shared his insights at a TEDx talk.

On his Instagram profile follower count of 161K, @kingofclubsin has organized highlights, providing glimpses into aspects of his life including Noa Eappen, TEDx Talk, and BMW. He’s actively engaged on several social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and more. Moreover, he’s launched his website called ‘Wyld’. Rij has also entered into paid partnerships with notable names in the industry such as BHPC India, Allen Solly India, Hackett London, and more. 

10Karron S Dhinggra

Karron S. Dhinggra is a prominent Indian lifestyle influencer, known for his roles as a lifestyle Instagrammer, digital creator, and lawyer. @theformaledit specializes in men’s fashion and grooming, and what sets him apart is his sense of humor. He’s garnered several accolades, notably winning the Fashion Influencer of The Year award consecutively from 2019 to 2023, except for 2021.

Karron S Dhingra holds a significant position as one of the top lifestyle Instagrammers in India. On his Instagram profile follower count of 10.8K, he’s organized his content into highlights, giving a glimpse into various aspects of his life. These highlights include Links, Awards, YouTube, Featured, Malaysia, Qatar, Jn Palace, IIFA 2019, Koh Samui, Ibiza, Barcelona, and more. He has a passion for travel, as indicated by his highlights.