Idiotic Media | Top 10 Instagram Influencers in Chennai to Follow in 2024

Top 10 Instagram Influencers in Chennai to Follow in 2024

The fashion scene is incredibly vibrant and captivating. Traditionally, fashion was limited by physical boundaries, but digitalization has transformed it, creating a solid foundation and widespread presence. In India, beauty standards have long been rooted in traditional appearances. However, Chennai is breaking down the barriers between Eastern and Western cultures. These Instagram Influencers in Chennai will have you hooked on the app.

Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is famous for its rich heritage, including Marina Beach (the world’s longest beach), Thalaiva Rajnikanth, Bharatanatyam, Carnatic music, and more. One notable trend is the growing fashion consciousness among Chennai residents.

Fashion is becoming an integral part of daily life, creating deeper connections. This shift is largely thanks to various factors, with top fashion influencers in Chennai playing a crucial role. These influencers have introduced fashion aesthetics to the city, gaining global recognition.

Chennai’s top fashion Instagrammers are making waves with their viral content, showcasing luxurious styles and the latest trends. They help their followers upgrade their fashion sense, boosting confidence and awareness.

In this article, we’ll explore Chennai’s fashion scene and highlight the rising fashion influencers in the city. As the best influencer marketing agency in india for fashion brands, we’ve compiled a well-researched list of top fashion influencers in Chennai.

Let’s look at the list of the top 10 Fashion Instagram Influencers in Chennai who showcase how it’s all done with culture and fashion.

1- Noopur Kalra

Noopur Kalra is a Chennai-based fashion influencer and digital creator. Passionate about fashion, she shares content that spans across lifestyle and fashion. She describes herself as manifesting her dream life and is active on other social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

On Instagram, @noopurkalra has organized her highlights into various categories, including Pregnancy, Fort Kochi, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Ooty, Bir Himachal, The Carlton, Andaman Islands, Thailand, Budapest, Greece, Turkey, and Sri Lanka. She has also created guides on topics such as her pregnancy story, how she met Anuj, taking outfits from 0-100, and a one-month fitness challenge.

Noopur has collaborated with numerous brands, including True Browns, Rerun, Inaya Accessories, Crocs India, and Samsung India, for paid partnerships. Additionally, she frequently uploads reels on her Instagram handle.

2- Sushmita Agarwal

Sushmita Agarwal is one of Chennai’s top fashion Instagram influencers. She is a content and video creator with a passion for cats and animals. She also has her own clothing line called “Sush.”

Her Instagram highlights cover topics such as Kaavaalaa, Marayoor, Goa, and Cats.  @misspinkshoes_ frequently uploads reels and is active on other social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, where she shares content like “Get Ready with Me,” fashion tips, and styling tricks.

Sushmita has collaborated with various brands, including a recent partnership with IMAX India for promoting the movie “Oppenheimer.” She has also worked with Unlimited stores and Loosey Goosey by Ravina, among others.

3- Pavithra Balakrishnan

@makeupmartini is one of Chennai’s top fashion Instagram influencers. She is a digital creator, dog mom, feminist, nonconformist, and self-declared fraghead. She shares content in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, embracing the philosophy, “I’m never the same but I’m always myself”.

Her Instagram highlights cover a wide range of topics, including Fun Times, Perfume, Food, Seychelles, Style, Nails, BTS, Lash Extensions, Fitness, Skin, Beauty, Hair, Offers, Fragrance Recommendations, Home, Rajasthan, Travel, Pups, Bali, Shoes, Featured, KP and Acne, Myntra, Adoption, Candles, Olaplex, Unfiltered moments, Feminism, Travel, Get to Know, Goa, and Color Series.

Pavithra has collaborated with numerous brands for paid partnerships, including Myntra, Mango, Aldo Shoes, Marc Jacobs, and Swarovski. She is also active on other social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

4- Aishwarya Suresh

Aishwarya Suresh is one of the top fashion influencers on Instagram in Chennai. She often collaborates with her sister Priyanka, creating content in beauty, fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle. She has received accolades such as “Best Lifestyle Influencer 2022” and “Reels Awards Winner.”

Aishwarya is also a BOI-recognized creator. @sisterslifestylediary content is heavily influenced by Chennai, reflecting the city’s culture and lifestyle. Along with her sister, she founded Multi-tuskers, a social media agency.

Her Instagram highlights cover a variety of topics, including Turkey, Fashion, Lifestyle, Features, Exhibits, Events, Q&A, Chennai News, Food Recommendations, Shopping, Brands, Chennai, Real Estate, Staycations, Beauty, Food, Design, Movie News, UAE, Hyderabad, Digital Marketing, Bengaluru, and Cooking.

5- Subhiksha Venkat

@subhikshavenkat is a top fashion influencer on Instagram in Chennai. She describes herself as a blogger, fashion enthusiast, and digital influencer, creating content in fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle. She founded ‘Kaathadi Madras,’ a marketing agency, and also runs the website

Her Instagram highlights cover various topics, including Team Bee, OOTD, Tailor Recommendations, Work, Taj, Jordan, Icons of Pondy, Travel, March, Home, Meet and Greet, 2022, Flipkart, L’Oreal, Dyson, Myntra, Anantya, Meta, Eateries Recommendations, Diwali, MAC, Athirappilly, Align, Links, Singapore, DCB, Staycations, and Random Cooking.

6- Divyalakshmi S

Divyalakshmi is recognized as one of the top fashion Instagram influencers in Chennai. A BOI-recognized creator, she has won several awards, including the Reels Awards. @glowthisway creates content in fashion, dance, food, and lifestyle and has been featured in Ananda Vikatan, Cinema Vikatan, and on the Meta India website.

Her Instagram highlights cover a variety of topics, including Shriya Saran, Vijay Antony, Live, Barbie Doll, Dubai, Valentine’s Day, Connect, Shopping, Dance, Humans of Mumbai, Amazon Haul, Meta Creators Day, Kerala, Diwali 2022, Vilvah, Festember, Chennai News, Peps, Restaurants, Scuba, CBIGS, TVS Housing, Mongo Fest, Mumbai, Kolli Hills, and HomeServe.

7- Priyadarshini Vijayakumar

Priyadarshini Vijayakumar is a Chennai-based fashion influencer who identifies as a fashion expert and digital creator. She shares content across various niches, including fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel, and food. Additionally, @highonstyl works as a product marketer for a multinational information technology company.

Her Instagram highlights cover a range of topics, such as AHA Events, Coach Events, Product Links, Audi X Page 3, L’Oreal, Samsung, Challani, MG Motor, Webinar, Nykaa, Guest Speaker, OOTDs, Asian Paints, M&S, Fortune Foods, FBB, Green Trends, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Marina Mall, and Sukra.

8- Shamshad Begum

Shamshad Begum is a fashion influencer from Chennai who’s all about digital content creation. She covers various topics like food, fashion, events, and lifestyle. Her motto is pretty straightforward: “Stay focused on my own path and business.” @begumschoice even participated in Miss India 2005!

Shamshad’s content covers a wide range of interests, including promoting local products, sharing personal experiences (MOI), exploring places like Italy and Croatia, offering knowledge (Gyan), and sharing testimonials. She’s into traditional wear like sarees, loves biryani, and often talks about her favorite foods. Love, media, Q&A sessions, hitting milestones like 100K followers, and collaborations with JBAS are also part of her journey.

Her content extends to fashion, coverage of events like FIFA 2022, exploring international cuisines (Food Abroad), showcasing jewelry, promoting organic health, and reviewing cafes, desserts, and restaurants. She’s into hotel reviews and has explored Bali too. Sometimes, she shares funny moments or bloopers and also works on her branding, like creating her own logo.

9- Abinaya

Abinaya is a top-notch fashion influencer based in Chennai. She’s all about creating captivating content, with a focus on sharing what she loves through her Instagram account. From fashion and travel to food, lifestyle, and events, she covers a wide array of topics.

Abinaya organizes her Instagram highlights neatly, showcasing her journey and interests. @talesofabi talks about collaborations with brands like Nykaa, highlights events she attended in 2023, shares moments from product launches like Samsung, and reminisces about trips to places like Varkala and Goa.

She also features local spots like T.Nagar and Virtue Salon, showcases her fashion picks through OOTD (Outfit of the Day) posts, and shares recommendations for movies and tickets through MovieReco and Ticket Stories.

Abinaya’s highlights reflect her diverse interests, from enjoying solo moments to vibing at Chennai events and exploring cultural venues like Kalakshetra. She’s also supportive of small businesses, as seen in her highlights featuring collaborations with UpTown and SmallBiz.

Overall, Abinaya’s Instagram is a vibrant mix of fashion, travel, lifestyle, and more, making her a standout content creator in the Chennai scene.

10- Swetha Renukumar

Swetha Renukumar is a leading fashion influencer in Chennai, with a remarkable list of titles to her name. She’s not just a mother and a blogger but also a conscious influencer, deeply passionate about fashion and armed with a degree in psychology. Her guiding principle is simple yet profound: “Believe only in what you see”.

Swetha’s Instagram highlights offer a glimpse into her diverse interests and experiences. From sharing her July getaways to showcasing reels and addressing important issues like IM Atrocity and Sia Atrocities, she’s constantly engaging her audience.

She’s into fitness too, evident from her gym-related content, and she’s not afraid to talk about balancing it all with “Daddy duties.” Her travel highlights are extensive, covering destinations like Manali, Bangkok, Shirdi, Wayanad, Bali, Kochi, Athirapally, Munnar, and Ooty, among others.

But it’s not all about external experiences; @one_pitch_catch also emphasizes the importance of self-care and fortitude, as seen in her highlights like “Self” and “Fortitude.” Overall, Swetha Renukumar’s Instagram is a reflection of her multifaceted life and her commitment to authenticity and belief in what’s visible.

To Conclude

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