Top 10 Indian Stand-Up Comedians on Instagram

Top 10 Indian Stand-Up Comedians on Instagram

Shortlisting the top 10 Indian stand-up comedians straight in a row is difficult to accomplish as there are many in the lane. However, knowing who are the best comedians in the town is not too hard as social media platforms have made it all easy.

Certainly, there are many male & female comedy influencers in India who are just raising the laugh bars high. Indeed, not missing out on their live events is the talk of the town.

Eventually, they have grown their worth whilst entering the film realm as well and now top comedians in India have been starring in Bollywood movies as well. 

Top 10 Indian Stand-Up Comedians on Instagram

  1. Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is a well-established name in the Indian Comedy Industry. Indeed, he has covered a really long journey to make him count as a celebrity comedian & one of the highest-paid comedians in India.  

  1. Bharti Singh

Is there any need to introduce her? Bharti Laughter Queen is a prominent & well-known name in the list of top Indian female comedians. Indeed, she has been rocking out every show she steps in with her fantastic skills to gear up the aura. 

  1. Zakir Khan

 “Apan Sakht Launde Hai- Pighalna Nahi Hai”- these lines would have made you idolize the best stand-up comedian on Instagram i.e., none other than- the very own, Zakir Khan. Indeed, Zakir is one of the best comedians in India and is immensely recognized by every generation now. 

  1. Anubhav Singh Bassi

Have you spotted him now in a movie trailer against Ranbir Kapoor & Shraddha Kapoor? – Well! yes- started his career as an open mic to now featured in Bollywood films, Bassi has covered a long journey of earning fame as India’s top male stand-up comedian. 

  1. Aditi Mittal

Aditi Mittal is one of the leading female comedians in India who is an actress and a writer too. Indeed, he has broken the patriarchal thought of females not being able to make people laugh- as she is pretty good at making people’s cheeks ache. 

  1. Akash Gupta

“Shamboo…Mumma getting angry Shamboo” and that hard laugh from the audience side would have reminded you of this top comedian on Instagram. Indeed, Akash Gupta has been a rocking stand-up comedian in recent years & is raging high each day. 

  1. Harsh Gujral

He identifies himself as “Sasta Vicky Kaushal”- yes you got him right! Harsh Gujral- a native of Kanpur is one of the leading Indian stand-up comedians. Humor that is cracked at the right time escalates the laughing scale- which indeed Harsh knows appropriately. 

  1. Gaurav Gupta

A true comic head with lots of laughter spills around when he steps up the stage & holds the mike. Gaurav Gupta is an Indian stand-up comedian who is not only making the Indian audience giggle hard but spreading his satires to the international boundaries 

  1. Gaurav Kapoor

Not to get confused with Kapoor & Gupta! Well! Gaurav Kapoor hits the right aim when starts comedy in a go. Indeed, what makes him lead the line is his pure desi language connection with the audience. 

  1. Urooj Ashfaq

A girl packed with brain, humor, and beauty- all three at the same makes her one of the most-admired comedy female influencers on Instagram and YouTube. Certainly, those hard giggles hitting your stomach are definitely to attack you after you watch her comedy videos.