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Top 10 Food Bloggers in Ahmedabad to Follow in 2024

Food blogging is a creative endeavor, showcasing a delightful array of culinary experiences that captivate people worldwide. Whether it’s street food or haute cuisine, these top food bloggers in Ahmedabad have explored every nook and cranny to set remarkable culinary standards. These bloggers are the architects behind these flavorful narratives, striving to present their audience with tantalising and distinctive dishes.

Ahmedabad, a bustling city, is renowned for its delicious Gujarati cuisine and diverse international flavours. If you’re planning a visit to Ahmedabad, here’s a list of the top 10 food bloggers you should follow. They’ll ensure you don’t miss out on the must-try delicacies this city has to offer. These bloggers showcase the finest food across Ahmedabad, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to uncover culinary gems.

Let’s dive into the blog to discover the top food bloggers!

1- PANKAJ UPADHYAY (It’s Foodie Only)

The @itsfoodieonly founded by Pankaj Upadhyay is a standout on Instagram with 29.4K followers count showcasing a vibrant and delicious feed. He features unique dishes that set serious culinary standards. Pankaj covers everything from India’s rich traditions to trying out trendy bites, catering to both sweet cravings and adventurous palates. His diverse content has made him one of Ahmedabad’s top food influencers. Pankaj’s passion for food shines through in his posts, making his digital space a go-to for food inspiration.


The @bitingbowl founded by Satyen Gandhi and Tuli Bannerji, is a popular food platform loved by people nationwide. This dynamic duo shares a variety of mouthwatering dishes, satisfying all kinds of cravings. They showcase the best food from Ahmedabad and beyond, with a focus on both sweet and savory delights. Their unique presentation style has earned them praise, and if they continue delivering original and high-quality content, they could become one of India’s top food bloggers. For inspiring and experimental food ideas, be sure to follow this foodie couple!

3- ANJALI (Bakes a Lot Lady)

Meet @bakesalotlady founded by Anjali, a 22-year-old food blogger who turned her passion for food into a successful career. She excels in baking, and her recipes stand out for their uniqueness, presentation, and authenticity. Anjali’s creativity has propelled her to the top of the list of Ahmedabad’s best food bloggers. She has also collaborated with brands like Daniel Wellington. If you love sweets and want to discover new recipes, check out her page with 112K followers count and hit the follow button!

4- PRIYA (Devil’s Red Tongue)

Priya’s food journey is truly inspiring. She shares restaurant reviews and homemade recipes with 16.1K followers, showcasing her unconditional love for food. @devilsredtongue passion shines through in her original and relatable content, earning her collaborations with big names. Follow Priya for a glimpse of authentic delicacies that will inspire and mesmerize you!

5-  DEEP (Mr. Food Lover)

Deep spreads joy with his food stories with 191K followers count, exploring the best delicacies in Ahmedabad as a certified Zomato connoisseur. @Mr.fooodlover love for food shines through in his adventures, where he leaves no stone unturned. Deep’s stories have led to numerous collaborations with brands, establishing him as one of Ahmedabad’s top food bloggers. If you’re eager to try delicious food in Ahmedabad and beyond, follow this foodie!

6- SIDDHI (Cooking with Siddhi)

Attention foodies! Let’s introduce Siddhi, a vegetarian food blogger and cook, who is winning hearts with her delicious homemade recipes. Her Instagram pictures are delightful with 667 followers count, but the real magic happens on her YouTube page, where she presents her best dishes. Siddhi’s love for cooking and her skills have brought her great success. Head to her blog now for some delicious recipes to brighten up your day!

7- KINJAL GOHIL (Hungry Gang)

Meet @hungrygang_ahm founded by Kinjal Gohil, an Ahmedabad-based food blogger who never fails to dazzle our Instagram feeds with mouthwatering dishes. As a certified Zomato connoisseur, Kinjal explores the city’s best restaurants, highlighting their top dishes. She has been blogging about food for a while now, seizing every opportunity that comes her way. Her hard work and dedication have earned her a spot among Ahmedabad’s top food bloggers with 96K followers count, with the potential to rise even higher. If you need honest reviews for your next restaurant visit, follow this foodie!

8- RIYA SAVJANI (The Starving Stunner)

This food blogger is a big fan of vegetarian food, and it shows in her posts with 5620 followers. @thestarvingstunner explores Ahmedabad’s streets and high-end restaurants, always on the lookout for delicious dishes. Blogging for a while now, she showcases the best delicacies in Ahmedabad. Her food stories are mouthwatering, and her YouTube videos are a go-to guide for food enthusiasts. Her passion for food has led her to the top of the city’s food blogging scene. Follow her for a taste of some amazing food!

9- MINI CHOUDHARY (Munch Too Much)

Meet Mini Choudhary, a passionate foodie who indulges in food without any guilt. As a certified Zomato connoisseur, Mini has been reviewing Ahmedabad’s streets and restaurants for a while, offering original content and reliable reviews. Her blogs serve as a mini-guide for locals, helping them explore the city’s culinary delights. Mini not only keeps her audience engaged but also sets high standards for others. Follow her for food inspiration and more!

10-  POONAM (Dine with Foodie)

Meet Poonam, a food enthusiast who shares the best food experiences with her audience, earning appreciation and recognition. As a certified Zomato connoisseur, she reviews delectable dishes from all over Ahmedabad, from street food to gourmet meals. Poonam also reviews products and has collaborated with big brands with 1037 followers count, known for her authentic content creation. If you’re seeking food-related inspiration, follow this foodie!

To Conclude

Food has a unique ability to stir our emotions, bringing excitement, happiness, and nostalgia. Food bloggers capture these feelings in their stories, speaking on behalf of food lovers worldwide. They breathe life into food experiences with their inspiring and authentic content, making them beloved by many. Their journeys are not just for food enthusiasts but also for those interested in influencer marketing. Follow these influencers to join the culinary world and make a meaningful impact. If you’re new to this industry, reach out to the best influencer marketing agency in Ahmedabad for guidance.