Top 10 Bengali Influencers in India

Top 10 Bengali Influencers in India

If you’re a brand seeking to promote your venture in Bengal with the help of up-and-coming influencers, this article will provide you with valuable guidance. With millions of Bengali influencers out there, it can be overwhelming to find the right ones who truly grasp your business mission and create compelling content accordingly. As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, we’ve assisted numerous established brands in achieving their business objectives with the perfect influencers. Our influencer marketers not only bring years of experience to the table, but we also utilize the latest influencer marketing tools to carefully select the most suitable Bengali influencers.

Below, you’ll find a list of profiles eager to collaborate with various brands. These influencers are highly sought after because they’re focused on achieving a higher return on investment through increased reach and engagement. If your influencer marketing goals align with these criteria, we highly recommend exploring the list of top 10 Bengali influencers.

1 – Sayantika Banerjee

Introducing Sayantika, a micro-influencer based in Bengal. By profession, she’s a pharmacist, but by passion, she’s a dedicated blogger and influencer. With a substantial follower count of 1.4 million, @iamsayantikabanerjee holds a significant position in the community. If you’re a local business aiming to forge connections with your neighborhood customers, teaming up with Sayantika or influencers similar to her profile is a strategic move worth considering.

2- Riyanka Sarkar

Riyanka stands out as a renowned fashion and lifestyle influencer in Bengal, widely recognized for her unique and creative content on Instagram with a follower count of 311K followers. Her handle, often @riyankasarkarofficial approach, is highly professional when it comes to her collaborations with brands. Unlike many influencers, she’s discerning about the brands she associates with, choosing to partner only with those she genuinely believes in. If you have an exceptional product that deserves a fitting advocate, she could be the perfect choice.

3- Joyeeta Banerjee

Joyeeta looks elegant, particularly in her ethnic attire, particularly when she adorns exquisite sarees. Based in Bengal, this fashion and lifestyle influencer with a fan count of 126K is adored for her flawless sense of style. Joyeeta dedicates herself to crafting high-quality content that showcases her grace and sophistication. Whether collaborating with local photographers or partnering with brands, @joyeetabanerjee11 spares no effort in producing exceptional content that sets her apart from the crowd.

4– Adrija Ghosal

Adrija, beyond her role as a fashion and lifestyle influencer in Bengal, is an avid traveler and devoted enthusiast of the traditions of this ancient city. A glance at her Instagram profile with a follower count of 86.1K will reveal the tucked-away gems of the City of Joy, each infused with a subtle essence of affection. Her delightful personality lends a warm, personal touch to every influencer marketing endeavor she’s been part of. If you’re seeking top-notch content from someone who truly cherishes your brand’s mission, she could be the ideal choice.

5- Priyanka Saha

Priyanka is a rising star in the fashion and lifestyle scene of Bengal. With a track record of successful collaborations with various brands, she consistently maintains an excellent engagement rate on Instagram with a count of 86K followers. This makes @priyankasaha_143 an excellent choice for brands seeking to maximize their reach and engagement through influencer marketing campaigns. Whether it’s page shoutouts or promoting your brand, you can confidently approach Priyanka for high-quality collaboration projects.

6- Saheli Guha

Let’s introduce Saheli, a notable fashion and beauty influencer from Bengal. @_saheliguha_ is renowned for producing authentic and captivating content with a count of 49.1K followers and collaborating with brands of all sizes. Regardless of the brand, she consistently strives to deliver fresh and distinct content, surpassing her previous creations. Saheli’s dedication and hard work shine through in every piece of content she shares. If you’re a brand seeking long-term partnerships with influencers, consider exploring Saheli Gupta or creators who share her dedication.

7- Richa Mourya

If you’re in search of a Bengal-based content creator who can truly make an impact in brand endorsement, she might be the perfect fit. Known for her bold voice and distinct perspective, her Instagram is filled with inspirational quotes with a follower count of 48.7K covering a range of life aspects, from health and wellbeing to fitness, body positivity, and mental health. @Richa_Mourya’s content brings a unique and influential touch to any brand she collaborates with.

8– Ankita Pal

This Bengali beauty is a true perfectionist in the realm of Instagram content creation with a fan count of 41.7K and 442 posts. She possesses the art of consistently staying in the spotlight as an influencer. @Aawnkita style personify personifies the essence of Bengal’s culture in multiple dimensions. What sets her apart is her inclination towards communicating with her fans in the regional language (Bengali), making her all the more accessible and relatable for local brands.

9- Aishwarya Chakraborty

Introducing @aishwaryachakraborty30, a makeup enthusiast with a passion for recreating celebrity looks using everyday makeup products. Additionally, she offers insightful reviews of various makeup items for her dedicated followers count of 14.2K. For fashion or beauty brands seeking influencers who can showcase their products through glamorous looks, how-to videos, and diverse tutorials, Aishwarya is an excellent choice. Her expertise and creativity can add a unique touch to your brand’s promotion.

10– Triparna Ghosal

Meet Triparna, a prominent fashion and lifestyle influencer hailing from Bengal. She’s recognized for her adventurous approach to glamorous looks, effortlessly transitioning from bold to ethnic attire. Triparna has mastered the art of captivating content creation, solidifying her position as one of the most influential creators in the City of Joy. Like @triparna_ghosal peers on this list, she possesses a keen understanding of brand collaborations and excels at customizing her content to resonate effectively with her fan’s count of 11.5K.