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The surge in influencer marketing trends on social media has led to remarkable progress. It’s vital to stay updated with modern promotional methods. It emphasizes the significance of leveraging influencer marketing within the social sphere. At Idiotic Media , we possess the necessary know-how and maintain a robust network of influencers all over India.

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Idiotic Media | Influencer Marketing Agency in Mumbai

1. Choose Influencers/Content Creators

Complete the contact form, and our influencer marketing specialists will reach out to you within 24 hours. Like you, other brands share their business aims and precisely what they hope to accomplish through our influencer marketing services in Mumbai.

Idiotic Media | Influencer Marketing Agency in Mumbai

2. Influencer Campaign Execution

Once we've picked the right influencers based on their audience and reach, our team collaborates with the brand and influencers to craft captivating and easily shareable content.

Idiotic Media | Influencer Marketing Agency in Mumbai

3. Brands Get Boosted

The content creators on our top influencer marketing platform share motivating stories on their social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, and more. It captures the interest of viewers, who could potentially transition from subscribers and followers into actual customers for the brand's products.

Idiotic Media | Influencer Marketing Agency in Mumbai

Let's step into the world of Idiotic Media's Influencer Marketing Magic

The main objectives of influencer marketing for businesses include boosting brand visibility, reaching out to fresh audiences, launching new products, and driving sales and conversions.

As a leading influencer marketing platform in Mumbai, we maintain an extensive network of influencers. Many brands turn to us for digital influencer marketing. We listen to their needs, discuss their marketing goals, and after studying their target audience, our team of experts and strategists identifies social personalities who cater to a similar audience that would be interested in their clients’ offerings. Since influencer marketing strategies focused on branding or engagement can generate an 8x return on investment, our experts work on campaigns tailored to achieve the brand’s ultimate goal.

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You Got Queries?

Here are the Answers!

Influencer marketing is a way for brands to promote their products or services by teaming up with social media influencers or content creators. These influencers work to sway the purchasing decisions of their followers. At Idiotic Media, we carefully select influencers based on their specific interests and categories, ensuring their subscribers/followers share similar tastes with the brand’s target audience. As a top influencer marketing company in Mumbai, we specialize in crafting unique content and developing comprehensive strategies to boost sales. 

Think of it as a modern take on celebrity endorsements. These influencers, essentially the modern-day celebrities of the internet world, have a large fan base on platforms like social media, blogs, and vlogs. They’ve shown their ability to influence and inspire their followers through various types of content, be it videos, blogs, or vlogs.

Influencer marketing costs can vary based on several factors. At Idiotic Media, we customize our pricing to fit each campaign’s specific needs and goals. Factors influencing the cost include the size and reach of the chosen influencers, the complexity of the content, and the duration of the campaign. Our team works closely with clients to create a tailored strategy that aligns with their budget while maximizing the campaign’s impact.

Let’s break it down with an example. Say a brand has a new mobile app they want to tell the world about. They could team up with a tech influencer on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. This influencer can showcase all the cool features and perks of the app and even urge their followers to give it a go by installing it. 

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Idiotic Media | Influencer Marketing Agency in Mumbai