Idiotic Media | How much Sana Eslam Khan charged for one Instagram post?

How much Sana Eslam Khan charged for one Instagram post?

Sana Eslam Khan is an actor and a social media influencer born on 6 July in Howrah, West Bengal. She attained her fame from lip-syncing on TikTok, she was quite a sensation on the app. With a whopping 5.5M followers on Instagram, she continues to steal the show with her extravagant and happening personality. 

Sana has always been good in front of people and has a way of captivating the audience, her skills in shooting a video can be seen in her reels. She takes the responsibility of being able to influence people extremely seriously.

Sana Eslam Khan’s Instagram is followed by her fans, who wait for her to post and keep up with trends. Her reels are thoroughly enjoyed by her large audience. Sana continues to be her charming self and images her audience in her reels. She is a true embodiment of “working till you reach your dream”, her journey is an inspiration to many young guys and girls who someday hope to be an actor or even an influencer.

She started her career via TikTok, her lipsyncing was enjoyed by many. She fancies doing fun transition videos and loves flaunting her pretty blingy dresses!

Sana Eslam Khan did her schooling at a local school in Kolkata and completed her graduation from Mumbai university. She has always been keen to act, from what started off as a simple tiktok grew to a large 5.5M follower base on Instagram. 

Her acting skills also landed her esteemed and sought-out roles in Punjabi Music videos. Her looks and skills are appreciated in the music industry thus kickstarting her career as an actor as well!

Professional and Personal life: In-depth

With her talent in acting Sana Eslam Khan was able to get roles in Music Videos like “Bhulla na teri Baatein” (2020), “Chann mahi aaja” (2021), “Fanna” (2020). The credit for her success goes to TikTok as a platform, it was where she gained popularity and began her long and wonderful journey as an actor and a social media Influencer.

For a brief period, she dated social media influencer Danish Alfaaz, who she was friends with in the earlier stage, the friendship later bloomed to be a short but cute relationship. It is rumored the couple didn’t end their relationship on the best terms, the real facts are still unknown. Irrespective, Sana Eslam Khan keeps her head high and hopes higher.

Archived Facts and Figures

With a fan base like Sana Eslam Khan’s, it is impossible to sit idol or broke. Sana majorly earns her livelihood via music videos, which make her good fortune. Another mode of income for Sana Eslam Khan is via collaborating with the top brands on Instagram.

Her fan base surely helps her earn a living as well as live her childhood dream to act! 5.5M followers are no joke, the idea that millions of people watch you do what you do is also a  sense of responsibility and Sana never fails to meet expectations.

Let’s Collaborate with Sana Eslam Khan!

Sana Eslam Khan charges a hefty amount to reach out to her followers from brands, her credibility is attached to the brand and thus she makes sure it is worth the effort and money to put her reputation online before advertising it to her 5.5M audience.

Instagram story- 1- 2lac

Instagram reel- 2- 3lac

Instagram static- 80- 90k

Instagram carousel- 70- 80k

Fun facts to know before you go

  • Sana wanted to be an actor since childhood
  • Sana had a youtube account with her ex-boyfriend Danish Alfaaz with 244k subscribers
  • Sana is now an established model with a net worth of 5 million.