How much does Yashi Tank charge for One Instagram Post?

How much does Yashi Tank charge for One Instagram Post?

In addition to creating content, Yashi Tank, the creative mind, is a master of fashion, a storyteller of lifestyle, and a curator of beauty. Her account is an engrossing voyage into a realm where every picture is a careful fusion of style, elegance, and a hint of eccentricity, setting her apart in the huge Instagramsphere.

Yashi’s Instagram is all about beauty; there, she expresses her sincere love of using makeup to express herself as well as skincare advice and makeup routines. Her videos give viewers a front-row ticket to the ever changing world of beauty. They are a visual playground of colors, textures, and styles. Yashi’s engaging style and innovative methodology elevate beauty rituals beyond mere education .

Fashion Fusion: Yashi Tank and her art

Another aspect of Yashi’s digital tapestry is fashion, where she skillfully combines her distinct style with current trends. Yashi has a strong sense of style, which is evident in her outfits and accessories. Her fashion films are more than just about clothes; they’re about embracing the thrill of dressing up as a way to show yourself some uniqueness and appreciate yourself.

Yashi Tank’s Instagram feed provides a glimpse into a well-curated lifestyle that skillfully blends sophistication and a dash of eccentricity, going beyond beauty and fashion. Yashi takes her followers on a journey where genuineness and style collide, whether it’s through a simple yet elegant flat lay of her everyday necessities, a warm spot in her house, or a peek of her everyday activities.

Charm in Every Frame: Yashi’s Fashion Wonderland

Every post on Yashi Tank’s Instagram handle is an ode to uniqueness and a monument to the idea that style and beauty are not constrained by convention but rather are manifestations of individual flair. Yashi creates content that goes beyond the screen, fostering a community that values the delight of a well-curated lifestyle, the creativity of beauty, and the wonder of fashion.

As you peruse Yashi Tank and her grid, get ready to enter a world where fashion makes a statement, beauty is an art form, and lifestyle is a meticulously constructed story. Embark on an artistic journey handpicked by Yashi Tank and explore the playful convergence of glitz, eccentricity, and authentic self-expression on the internet.

Instagram Story–  90K – 3lac

Instagram reel– 2lac – 5lac

Instagram static– 1lac – 3lac

Instagram carousel– 90K – 4lac

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Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer

Trivia or Amazing Facts About Yashi Tank

  • Yashi Tank also likes to do dancing to keep her feet and shed her flab.
  • Her beauty, fashion, lifestyle, self-love, and DIY videos were also loved by millions of people on Social Media.
  • She is a Pet Lover.