How Much Does Vijay Mahar VM Charge for One Instagram Post?

How Much Does Vijay Mahar VM Charge for One Instagram Post?

How much does Vijay Mahar VM charge for one Instagram post? It is curiosity that every product owner wonders about the influencers who hold a strong power to alter the minds of their fans. Certainly, it is to note amongst the top-admired influencers in the social media realm.

Additionally, he is an excellent creative director in India & an immensely remarkable concept artist. In addition, as per the studies of 2021, October, he has been one of the most popular Instagram influencers with a follower count of millions.

To satiate your curious heads about VM, read here about Vijay Mahar’s personal life, family, Instagram charges, wiki, career, biography, facts, trivia, and more. 

Vijay Mahar’s biography, wiki, family, personal life, and more

Vijay Singh Mahar was born on 25th August in Pithoragarh, India in a Pahari Rajput family. Certainly, he is a native of Uttarakhand, however, now resides in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

It is noted that there is nothing known about his family but the fact that he has a younger brother named Nikhil Mahar is known. 

Vijay Mahar’s Career, girlfriends, Instagram charges, and more

Vijay Mahar is a renowned concept artist in India 2016 who has created a comprehensive and loving fanbase. Certainly, he owns a well-settled store called VM, an Art store. Vijay has an Instagram following of 2.9M & his charges for one post are-

Instagram story- 40k- 50k

Instagram reel- 50k- 60k

Instagram static- 40k- 50k

Instagram carousel- 30k- 40k

Let’s Collaborate with Vijay Mahar!

VM has a self-name entitled YouTube channel (which he started in 2012) on which he uploaded a science fiction film- REFL3CT, in 2016. Certainly, there is no update or more detailed pieces of information about VM as he has kept everything much private in his spheres.

However, the hard work he has put in through his skills & expertise in this entertainment’s verticals. Vijay Mahar’s looks are absolutely natural-finished as he looks dashing.

His conventional appearance makes his fans glance at him for a minute more. 

Interesting Facts/Trivia about Vijay Mahar VM

  • Vijay Mahar was born into a Pahari Rajput family
  • His younger brother helped him co-write & co-direct his science fiction REFL3CT
  • His sun sign is Virgo
  • VM is a big fan of Indian singer- Jubin Nautiyal & admires his singing a lot
  • He has Yamaha YZF-R15 V3.0 and a Scout Bobber.